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A group of students in a natural area

Special Use Permits

A Special Use Permit is required for a variety of activities that would normally violate a natural area regulation, city code, or a county or state regulation, including groups of 15 or more people. The Natural Areas Department may permit activities that allow for a safe and enjoyable experience while minimizing impacts to natural resources and visitors. Learn more in the Special Use Policy. There is no charge for Special Use Permits.

Apply for a Special Use Permit

Group of 30 people, each wearing helmets and personal floatation devices, 2 blue rafts are on the left, river at top of image

Commercial Use Permits

A Commercial Use Permit is required for commercial use activities on City of Fort Collins Natural Areas or facilities for which fees or donations are charged to a third party by an entity other than the City, or for the purpose of marketing or promoting a commercial entity.

There is a charge for Commercial Use Permits depending on the number of visitor days as detailed in the Commercial Use Policy

Apply for a Commercial Permit

Two individuals wearing green shirts and holding clipboards observing flowers

Research Permits

Research permits are for groups or individuals seeking to do long-term or short-term research in City of Fort Collins natural areas to obtain data or research information. Instructional courses or workshops that include a research component should apply for a Special Use Permit. Applications for Research Permits are accepted year-round and held until the next deadline (second Friday in February and second Friday in August). There is no charge for Research Permits.

Apply for a Research Permit

Research Permits#

Research permits are reviewed twice a year. The deadlines are the second Friday in February and the second Friday in August. Applications are accepted year-round and held until the next deadline.

NEXT DEADLINE FOR RESEARCH PERMIT APPLICATIONS: Friday, February 9, 2024. Applicants will be provided notice of acceptance/denial within 15 business days following the application deadline.

**Incomplete applications will be denied**

Permit Application Tips

  • Please pay close attention to the required documents which can include a research summary, maps indicating access points and research area, vehicles, persons included in the permit, dates and times of research, and timeframe for when data would be available.
  • Please note that if you have held a past research permit and have not submitted your results and/or report, your application will be denied.
  • Applicants who were previously assigned a research vest that was not returned are not eligible to apply.