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Garden In A Box#

A black and white house and sky with a rainbow xeric garden in the front.

Reduce water use and upgrade your landscape the easy way.

Do-it-yourself kits from Resource Central come with starter plants, a comprehensive Plant and Care Guide, and one to three plant-by-number maps.

Regardless of expertise, you can save water and beautify your landscape with these affordable gardens.

How To Order Garden In A Box#

In partnership with Nature in the City, we support the Garden In A Box program by offering a limited number of discounts to our customers.

To start your journey to a low-water landscape, follow the steps below:


Select the Garden In A Box you want at the Resource Central store.

Tip: First, consider the size and sun exposure of the area you want to install your garden.


When it’s time to purchase your box, select your water provider in the drop-down list to apply the $25 discount. A limited number of discounts are available, and they are first come, first served.


Pick up your purchased garden(s) at the selected time and location that works for your schedule.

For more information, call 303-999-3820 ext. 222 or visit Resource Central.

Learn about additional rebates, workshops and water-saving opportunities available through Utilities' Xeriscape Incentive Program. Represent an HOA or business? Be sure to check out how the new commercial xeriscape program can help you.

Yes, anyone can purchase a Garden In A Box at full price. Your water provider may offer a limited number of $25 discounts on boxes. Be sure to check the list of participating providers.

Your water provider may offer a limited number of $25 discounts on boxes. Not sure which water district? Use this map.

You will receive pickup location and confirmation from Resource Central, following your purchase.

Native plants work together to feed and play host to numerous varieties of bees, butterflies and more. They thrive in our climate and promote environmental stewardship. Learn more about this year's native offerings on the Resource Central  website.

Visit the Resource Central website.

Contact Resource Central directly at 303-999-3820 x222.

Did You Know?

Wearing an extra layer of clothing during the winter and lowering the thermostat a few degrees can help save money and energy.

You can clean up your utility bill and save even more money with rebates when you buy an ENERGY STAR® certified washing machine.

Planting trees on east, southeast, southwest and west exposures reduce solar heat gain and reduce glare through windows.