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Business Efficiency Solutions and Rebates#

Be a Leader in Energy Efficiency#

When you use energy more efficiently, it's good for your business and our community. Discover savings with smarter energy use and an array of programs designed to help businesses like yours reduce energy use.

We're Here to Help#

Building assessment

Get a Facility Assessment

A free whole-facility energy and water assessment to help you understand and manage your utility costs.

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Person working on HVAC

Optimize Your Building's Equipment

Building Retro-Commissioning, offered jointly with Efficiency Works, can help optimize and enhance your current building's HVAC systems.

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Building Energy and Water Scoring

Energy/water scoring and benchmarking can provide ways to manage business expenses.

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Woodward building

Integrated Design Assistance Program (IDAP)

Design efficiency into your new building with IDAP.

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Peak load graph

Load Management

Load management is the act of controlling your facility's demand, or rate of energy use.

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Xeriscape Incentive Program (XIP)

Save water outdoors with XIP for HOAs and commercial water customers.

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Efficiency Works#

Fort Collins Building

Efficiency Works is Fort Collins Utilities’ approach to support energy and water efficiency for local businesses. A partnership with Platte River Power Authority and its owner municipalities, Efficiency Works houses all services and incentives, making it easier than ever for local businesses to save money and reduce their use.

Get started today with a free facility assessment and learn how you can plan for your next project.


Rooftop solar panels

Business Rebates & Incentives

Check out our variety of incentives to encourage investment in energy efficiency.

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Restaurant Kitchen

Industry-Specific Rebates

We can help tailor an efficiency improvement plan that saves money and enhances industry performance for food service, grocery stores and offices.

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Apartment Complex

Multifamily Housing Rebates

Take advantage of energy-saving rebates and opportunities for multifamily buildings.

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Did You Know?

Planting fast-growing vines is a quick way to block unwanted summer sun. You'll get results in months.

Permanent "duct mastic" material – not duct tape – should be used for sealing attic ductwork and crawl spaces.

You can save water by installing WaterSense showerheads.