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Water Outages and Emergencies#

Current Water Outages or Service Disruptions#

There are no outages or service disruptions at this time.

Note: Service disruptions are only posted when 50 or more customers are impacted. This webpage is not automated and will be updated as we receive information. If you are experiencing issues with your water or wastewater service, call to report it.

Report a Water Outage or Service Disruption#

Call 970-221-6700 (24 hours, 7 days a week) to report: 

  • Water main breaks
  • Sewer line problems

If you are experiencing water quality or pressure concerns, including taste or odor issues, please first review our troubleshooting guides before calling to report the problem. 

Cloudy or Discolored Water#

When service is restored, you may experience cloudy or discolored water for a short time. This water is not harmful, though it may stain laundry. It's also safe to use on plants and landscape. If you experience cloudy or discolored water:

  • wait until the nearby work is complete
  • remove faucet aerators or filters
  • run the COLD water for 10-15 minutes (it often clears within a few minutes)

If you notice improvements, continue running the cold water for a few more minutes or until it is clear. If it is not improving, turn off the water, wait 30 minutes and repeat. If it still doesn’t clear, you can call 970-221-6700 to report your concerns.

Limited Pressure#

During a water line or main break, customers may still receive water with limited pressure. 

Cold Weather#

When below-freezing temperatures hit, utility companies, like us, are often concerned about our waterlines and mains freezing and breaking. However, these cold-weather breaks can also be a concern for homeowners and businesses. 

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Did You Know?

Using a microwave oven for warming, reheating or cooking food uses less energy than an electric oven.

Replacing some bluegrass with low water-using planting beds can save water and money.

Stormwater Master Planning helps protect people, property and the environment against flooding, erosion and water quality problems caused by runoff.