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Free Sprinkler Checkups#

The 2021 season is here! Select a date and time that works for you and we’ll be there, ready to demystify your irrigation system with a safe and effective checkup.

Schedule your free checkup now

A free sprinkler checkup helps you save water by using your sprinkler system more effectively. Participants receive a system evaluation and watering schedule, while learning how to find leaks and keep vegetation healthy all summer long.

Checkups are scheduled on weekdays and take approximately 90 minutes for automated, below-ground systems and 30 minutes for non-automated watering.

To qualify, you must live in a single-family home and be a Fort Collins Utilities, ELCO or Fort Collins-Loveland Water District customer.

Sprinkler System Tips#

If you were unable able to sign up for a sprinkler checkup this season, the video below offers some helpful tips for your irrigation system.

If you don't have an underground system and water with a hose, check out our non-automated watering tips.

Sprinkler Obstructions#

Learn more about common sprinkler head obstructions.

Residential Sprinkler Equipment Rebates#

If you are making improvements to your sprinkler system, Fort Collins Utilities offers rebates on qualifying equipment.