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Light & Power#

Safe, Reliable and Affordable Electric Service#

Removing overhead powerlines

Utilities staff remove overhead powerlines as the electric system is moved underground.

Fort Collins Light & Power provides reliable electric service to Fort Collins homes and businesses. With over 99% of our power system underground, the Light & Power utility is 99.99% reliable, meaning power outages are few and far between. 

We are committed to providing ‘round-the-clock, world-class service to our community.

Fort Collins Utilities receives its power supply from Platte River Power Authority, which is a wholesale electricity provider for the cities of Fort Collins, Longmont, Loveland and Estes Park.

By the Numbers#

  • 79,000+ customers (70,000+ residential, 8,600+ commercial)
  • 12,000 municipal streetlights
  • 2,000 miles of primary conductor cable
  • 650 floodlights
  • 8,600 transformers
  • 10 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations
  • 7 substations
  • 46% renewable energy

Your Energy#

wind and solar illustration

100% Renewable Future

Fort Collins is a leader in the transition to sustainable and resilient local energy systems to serve the community’s 2050 carbon-neutral future.

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Electric meter

Electric Meters

Most Fort Collins homes, businesses and schools are equipped with advanced (smart) electric meters.

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Utility bill


Electric rates include both fixed and variable charges. Learn how your rate is calculated.

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Historic Fort Collins with overhead power lines - Image courtesy of Museum of Discovery H00926


Learn more about the history of our electric utility.

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RP3 logo

Awards and Recognition

Fort Collins Utilities is a Diamond Level RP3 designated utility and a Smart Energy Provider.

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Electric service map screenshot

Service Area Map

Utilities provides electric service to more than 70,500 homes and businesses over 55+ square miles.

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Policies, Plans and Reports#

Our Climate Future Plan

This OCF Plan is about the future of everyone in Fort Collins in these times of climate change, and it is our community guide to creating the carbon-neutral, zero waste, and 100% renewable electricity future we desire.

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Community Energy Report

Together, we are achieving results in efficiency, renewables and grid flexibility to reach our goals and transform community energy systems. Each year we track our community's progress. Review the most recent report by clicking the button below.

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Programs and Projects#

Rooftop solar panels

Efficiency Programs

Optimize your energy and water use with our residential and commercial programs and rebates.

Staff do Look Up and Live presentation.

Educational Programs

Utilities staff use a scale model of a typical overhead power line that carries 15,000 volts of electricity to educate about safety around power lines.

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Electric System Monitoring

Electric System Monitoring

Older or damaged low-voltage cables can cause electrical faults, which energize street-level surfaces. Utilities surveys its electric system to minimize risk to the public.

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Art in Public Places - Transformer Cabinet Murals#

Installing a transformer box

In 2006, Fort Collins Utilities partnered with the Art in Public Places Program to come up with a plan to help mitigate graffiti, reduce maintenance costs on electrical equipment and add art to the Fort Collins community.

The resulting Transformer Cabinet Murals program works with local artists and non-profit groups to paint transformer cabinets with bright, colorful murals that add a unique identity to Fort Collins.

Guidelines and Resources#

Learn more about how our electricity is delivered to you in the Source to Switch video.

Did You Know?

Mowing when it's cool reduces stress on the grass.

Home office and overall electronics typically use very little electricity (1 cent or less per hour on average).

Epic Homes offers $60 home energy assessments that can find ways to reduce utility costs and increase comfort.