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Be Aware of Scams#

Customers are advised to be aware of anyone claiming to represent Fort Collins Utilities.

Scammers are targeting residential and commercial customers, demanding immediate payment.

Customers should never make payments or give personal or financial information to unsolicited visitors or callers.

If you are approached by an individual demanding payment, immediately call the Fort Collins Police non-emergency number at 970-221-6540.

If you are suspicious of a phone call, make note of the originating phone number, date, time and other details, and report the incident to Fort Collins Police (970-221-6540) or Fort Collins Utilities (970-212-2900) as soon as possible.

Fort Collins Police also recommend reporting the incident to the Federal Trade Commission.

Please note:

  • Utilities representatives will never visit your home or business to solicit payment.
  • Fort Collins Utilities no longer makes outbound "courtesy" calls to customers with past-due accounts.
  • Disconnection notices are mailed.
  • Past due balances are clearly marked on utility bills.
  • Payments can be made online, by calling 970-212-2900 or at 222 Laporte Ave.