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Flood Protection, Stormwater Master Planning and Stormwater Quality#

Flood Protection, Stormwater Master Planning and Stormwater Quality

Fort Collins Utilities Stormwater Department:

Learn about the City's Stormwater Quality Permit. The City's stormwater drainage system connects directly to the Poudre River. Protecting stormwater quality keeps our waterways healthy and preserves wildlife habitat.

Projects are financed through monthly residential and business stormwater rates.

Learn more about stormwater development guidelines for residential and commercial, plant investment fees or locating underground utilities.

Find out how to prevent pollutants from entering the City's storm sewer system during outdoor festivals and events (PDF 466KB).

Read the power washing guide (PDF 1.9MB) to find out how to handle the wastewater.

Read the Larimer County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan – City of Fort Collins 2019 Annual Report (PDF 6.2 MB)