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Protecting People, Property and Our Environment#

Our stormwater utility was established in 1980 to protect our community from damage due to flooding, pooling, erosion and harmful pollutants. 

Stormwater is just that - water from a storm, including rain, hail and snow. Typically, this water is either absorbed into the ground or collects in a body of water. However, when living in an urban area with many non-absorbent surfaces (like rooftops, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and streets), this water becomes runoff, flowing down gutters, through stormwater inlets and the storm sewer system into our streams, rivers and lakes. 

Sediment, nutrients, bacteria, metals, pesticides, and other pollutants are picked up as this water flows through the city. Unlike sanitary sewers that go to a treatment plant, most stormwater is discharged directly to local water bodies. 

What We Do#

Street flooding

Flood Safety

Learn how to stay safe and protect your home and property from flood risks.

Be Flood Ready

Poudre River

Stormwater Quality

Stormwater pollution is the number one cause of water pollution in the country. See how we address it and how you can help.

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Stream Rehab Example - Fossil Creek

Stream Rehabilitation

Creek and stream rehab establishes stream habitat, improves water quality, stabilizes eroding banks, and improves fish passage.

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Whitewater Park

Master Planning

Stormwater master planning creates a plan and vision for how stormwater management can be implemented in each of our 13 basins.

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Clip from Flood Plain Map

Floodplain Management

Everyone has flood risks, know yours.

See Your Flood Risk

Stormwater Improvement Project

Stormwater Improvements

An estimated 1,500+ structures have been protected from a 100-year flood event with stromwater improvements.

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What's In the Works: Projects and Improvements#

Downtown flooding

Downtown Stormwater Improvement Plan (DSIP)

Downtown Fort Collins is at risk for flooding and pollution from urban stormwater runoff from downtown can impact the Cache la Poudre River.

See How We're Addressing It

RiskMAP example

Poudre River Floodplain Map

The floodplain map for the Poudre River is being updated.

See How the Map is Changing

Resources and Guidelines#

Stormwater Basins

There are 13 stormwater basins within the City of Fort Collins Growth Management Area (GMA).

View Basins

Irrigation Ditches

Irrigation ditches and canals carry water from the Cache la Poudre River to users in and around Fort Collins.

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Development Guidelines and Criteria

View design guidelines and technical criteria to be used in the analysis and design of stormwater drainage systems.

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Power Washing Guidelines

Find out how to handle the wastewater from power washing.

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Outdoor Festival and Events Guide

Find out how to prevent pollutants from entering the City's storm sewer system during outdoor festivals and events.

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Rates and Fees#

Did You Know?

Lowering the thermostat temperature on winter nights and when no one is home can save money and energy.

Cleaning your dryer filter regularly prevents lint build ups that can reduce airflow resulting in clothes not drying completely.

You can save water when washing smaller loads by selecting the setting for the corresponding water level.