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Development Fees#

Plant investment and development fees support supply and infrastructure associated with new development as well as improvements to current infrastructure. 

These fees (summarized from Chapter 26 of the municipal code) apply to all development served by Fort Collins Utilities, whether inside or outside city limits.  Information is provided for estimation purposes only. 


Water, Wastewater and Stormwater

  • Water Development Fees: Includes water meter fees, plant investment fees (PIFs), and a Water Supply Requirement (WSR).
  • To estimate the cost associated with the WSR, developments will be required to submit a Water Fee Form with the Final Development Plan. Information in the form should reference the information that is submitted on the corresponding plans (e.g., landscape plan, irrigation plan, utility plan). Learn more about Water Supply Requirements.

Development Review Charges (vary based on utility)

  • Electric review charges are included in electric development fees.
  • Water, wastewater and stormwater fees are collected through the review process.
  • Learn more about Development Review fees.

Did You Know?

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