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Water Quality#

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Fort Collins Utilities monitors water quality in three areas:

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Hot Topics#

Black water on the Poudre

Post-Wildfire Water Quality

See how the 2020 wildfires affected our water supply and watershed.

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Contaminant Monitoring

We stay on top of the latest research when it comes to emerging contaminants to make sure our water quality remains optimal.

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Lead & Copper

Managing lead and copper in water is a public health responsibility that is shared among water utilities, consumers, manufacturers, regulators and plumbers.

Poudre River

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

These chemicals are very persistent in the environment and in the human body – meaning they don’t break down and can accumulate over time. 

Algal Blooms

Algal Blooms

Algal blooms can be caused by a variety of algae and can occur in natural waterbodies under certain environmental conditions.



Safe disposal practices for unused prescription and over-the-counter medications are important to keep pharmaceuticals out of water bodies.

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Currently, Fort Collins Utilities' drinking water fluoride levels are in the range of 0.60-0.75 ppm, with the fluoride system being monitored continuously.

Source Water Monitoring and Watershed Protection#

The watersheds where our water comes from consist of the large areas of land that drain snowmelt and rainfall waters to the Poudre and Big Thompson rivers, Horsetooth Reservoir and other components of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project. Watershed monitoring and protection involves minimizing the negative impacts to the quality of these waters from activities on both land and water.

After wastewater is treated at our water reclamation facilities to meet or exceed all state and federal pollution control standards, it is returned to the environment where it is collaboratively monitored to protect the Poudre River downstream.

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Presedimentation Basin#

Fort Collins Utilities constructed a presedimentation basin to remove sediment in the Poudre River caused by forest fires.

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Did You Know?

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Insulating hot water pipes leading from the water heater helps keep your hot water from cooling off before it gets to the tap.

Pre-heating your home before 5 p.m. in the winter and coasting through the on-peak hours can save money on your utility bill.