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What is Epic Homes?#

Your one-stop shop for home and rental property energy efficiency upgrades.

Epic Homes is a program through Fort Collins Utilities, in partnership with Efficiency Works Homes, that helps customers enjoy more comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient homes. Epic Homes connects Fort Collins Utilities’ customers to:

  • Free virtual energy advising
  • Home energy assessments
  • Rebates
  • Attractive loans
  • An Epic Certificate and a Home Energy Score

We’re here to guide you during your home journey, whether you own or rent.

Ready to learn more?#

Efficiency Works™ Homes provides advising, assessments, and rebates for all Fort Collins Utility customers.

Sign up for a free virtual advising session today!

Need assistance funding your home efficiency projects?#

CARE provides no-cost assessments and retrofits to income-qualified customers (household income is at or below 80% of Larimer County median income.

See whether you qualify here

Who is Eligible?#

Who is Eligible?

Fort Collins Utilities' customers that either own or rent. Single-Family, Attached Side-by-Side, Attached Over/Under, Mobile Homes, and Condominiums may qualify for the following rebates:

Learn more here

Start your Energy Efficiency Journey Today!#

Start your Energy Efficiency Journey Today!

Whether you own or rent, Epic Homes is here to guide you through your energy efficiency journey so you can maximize on all the benefits of this program. In other words, we are here to help you succeed in making your home more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient!

*Please note: To ensure you get the rebates you qualify for, you will want to schedule a free energy advising session or discounted ($60) in-home energy assessment through Efficiency Works™ Homes before making improvements. You are never obligated to make improvements after an advisement or assessment.

Follow these steps to get started:#

  1. Make sure you are eligible. You are eligible if you:
    • Are a Fort Collins Utilities residential electric customer AND
    • Own AND/OR occupy a qualified dwelling that is more than one year old.
  2. Schedule a FREE virtual advising session to determine your energy needs:
    • Schedule your virtual session online or by phone 877-981-1888.
  3. Schedule a discounted ($60) in-home energy assessment with Efficiency Works:
    • Schedule your in-home assessment online or by phone 877-981-1888.
  4. Start making upgrades (non required) to your home with a qualified service provider:
    • Find a qualified service provider.
    • Fort Collins Utilities offers easy, low interest rate financing options for upgrades on home and rental properties with no money down and terms up to 15 years. Simply pay for the upgrades on your monthly utility bill. Learn more here
  5. Claim your rebate!*
  6. Claim your Epic Certificate.



Fort Collins Utilities is committed to a clean energy future. One of the ways we are going to get there is by going electric. Epic Homes provides several resources to help make the transition to clean heating, cooling and water heating easier.  

Electrification can improve indoor air quality and lower our community’s carbon footprint. Epic Homes connects Utilities' customers to energy advising and low-cost energy assessments, rebates and attractive loans to make a clean energy future a reality. Through Epic Homes, you can make decisions on how to best make home performance upgrades to prepare for your journey to electrify.

Learn About Going Electric

Live Better Breathe Better#

Live Better Breathe Better

Most of our lives are spent indoors. When we are cooking, cleaning, showering and heating our homes, we are also impacting the quality of the air we breathe. Everyday actions have an impact on our indoor air quality and the physical health of community members.

Increasing efficiency in our homes can improve community health and well-being. Preliminary results of an ongoing Colorado State University (CSU) study show the following potential impacts of home energy efficiency upgrades:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improved perception of home
  • Improved comfort
  • Fewer outdoor air pollutants entering the home
  • Better indoor air quality

Learn More About the CSU Study

Epic Homes Contributes to Community Climate Goals#

Epic Homes Contributes to Community Climate Goals

The City of Fort Collins is committed to improving our community by working to create a carbon neutral, zero waste, and 100% renewable electricity future. To achieve this, the Our Climate Future (OCF) community plan has three goals:

  • Reduce 2030 greenhouse gas emissions by 80% below 2005 baseline levels;
  • Provide 100% renewable electricity by 2030 with grid and local sources; and
  • Achieve zero waste, or 100% landfill diversion, by 2030.

The energy use in our homes and businesses account for more than two-thirds of our community emissions. By completing an Epic Home upgrade, like adding insulation or upgrading appliances, you can help contribute to OCF's vision for "Efficient, Emissions Free Buildings".

View the Climate Future Plan

Real Estate Ally Network#

Real Estate Ally Network

Epic Real Estate Allies are trained and knowledgeable about all components of Epic Homes, especially the Epic Certificate and how to use it to sell homes. Real Estate Allies also know about City programs and incentives, so they can support clients better through the buying and selling process. 

Are you a real estate professional interested in joining the Epic Homes Real Estate Ally Network? Learn more here.

Find an Epic Homs Real Estate Ally



Whether you are a renter, landlord, or needing information on income-qualified assistance programs, Epic homes has curated the resources you need to be successful in this program! 

View Resources

Green Business Registry#

Green Business Registry

We've certified more than 2,000 Epic Homes to date. Many can be found on the Green Building Registry (sharing is by customer choice). If you're in the market for an energy efficient home, search for addresses on the registry!

Visit the Green Building Registry

What is Efficiency Works?#

What is Efficiency Works?

Efficiency Works™ is a regional collaboration with Platte River Power Authority (Platte River) and Fort Collins Utilities, Loveland Water and Power, Longmont Power & Communications and Estes Park Power and Communications. We work alongside Platte River (our wholesale electricity provider), and the three other member-owner communities, to offer energy efficiency services to residents through Efficiency Works™ Homes. Fort Collins Utilities customers receive additional benefits that fall under our program, Epic Homes.

Fort Collins-based ARUS Consulting, LLC performs Efficiency Works™ energy advising and assessment services. For more information about ARUS, click here .

To view Efficiency Works store products to upgrade your home visit: Efficiency Works Store

Learn More About Efficiency Works

Free Virtual Energy Assessment

Free Virtual Energy Advising

Discuss opportunities and benefits that efficiency upgrades can provide to your home, project bids, project planning, or any other questions that you may have.

In-Home Energy Assessment

In-Home Energy Assessment

Learn about your home’s energy efficiency through visual inspections, measurements and diagnostic testing performed by an energy advisor. Receive a personalized report that your advisor will review with you.



Efficiency Works offers competitive rebates on HVAC upgrades, insulation, air sealing, and windows. Click the link above to learn more.

Epic Homes Loan

Epic Homes Loan

Finance efficiency or solar projects through Utilities with no money down and easy monthly payments on your utility bill.

Epic Certificate & Home Energy Score

Epic Certificate & Home Energy Score

Following the completion of upgrades, Utilities provides an Epic Certificate to showcase efficiency and solar investments, which can differentiate your home at time of sale.

Did You Know?

Mowing when it's cool reduces stress on the grass.

Timers or sensors can help save money on outdoor lighting.

Installing cooking vent hood controls with VFD fans and sensors (rebates available) at your business can help save energy and money.