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Other Youth Programs#

Voltbusters Conservation Competition

Grade Level: K-5

Program Length: 4 weeks

In this districtwide energy-saving competition, students become Voltbusters by earning points for energy-saving actions in their school and at home. Focus areas include lighting (K-1), heating/cooling (2-3) and computers/electronics (4-5). Utilities supplies all materials, information, and optional extension activities to engage the students and promote energy conservation awareness. This program is offered once in the fall and once in the spring. Email if you would like to receive more information and to participate.

Stream Ecology at EcoWeek

Grade Level: 5

Students who attend EcoWeek at the CSU Mountain Campus may participate in a watershed field trip during their stay, taught by stream ecology instructors. Poudre School District teachers can request this option when they sign up.

Look Up and Live

Grade Level: K-12

Program Length: 30 minutes

Did you know that a typical overhead power line carries 15,000 volts of electricity? Participants are encouraged to "look up and live" before doing anything around power lines with this interactive display and program.

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Did You Know?

Turning off printers, copiers, coffee machines and other equipment at end of day saves energy.

There are many scams that try to trick people into allowing scammers inside their home or business. Be scam aware.

Home office and overall electronics typically use very little electricity (1 cent or less per hour on average).