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Clothes Washer Rebates

For a limited time, Fort Collins Utilities, in partnership with Efficiency Works, Sears Appliance and Appliance Factory Outlet, can help you instantly save on the purchase of a select ENERGY STAR® washing machine.

This limited time offer is valid only at the Fort Collins' Sears Appliance and Appliance Factory Outlet stores. See store associate for details.

Offer cannot be combined with other Fort Collins Utilities appliance rebates.

Here's what an ENERGY STAR® clothes washer can do for you.

  • Your clothes will come out cleaner and with less wear. These washers don’t have agitators. Instead they tumble the clothes, while using jets of water to create the cleaning action. This avoids the pulling and tugging of an agitator.
  • Your clothes will dry faster and save you time. The washers spin up to twice the speed of a conventional washing machine, extracting more water in the process and reducing the time in the dryer.
  • Washing in cold water keeps your colors vibrant and is easy on your fabrics. These machines adjust the water temperature to optimize the effectiveness of modern detergents, so you get the best cleaning and your clothes get the best treatment.
  • These washers accept large, bulky loads, so no trips to the laundromat to wash quilts.
  • Clothes rinse cleaner, as the washer senses when the detergent is completely rinsed from your clothes.
  • Washers operate quietly and also self-balance the load - so you never have your washer banging and walking around your laundry room.

Lower utility bills:

  • ENERGY STAR® washing machines use 25 percent less energy and 45 percent less water than an old fashioned top loader.
  • New ENERGY STAR® washing machine prices have dropped in the last few years and are now close to what a standard machine costs.
  • If you have a 10 year old top loader, that washer is costing you close to $200 per year to operate over a new ENERGY STAR® machine. This can make up the price difference of a conventional machine in less than one year.

Tax Information
Payments provided by utilities (including Fort Collins Utilities) to participants for the purchase or installation of water conservation measures may, in some circumstances, be considered as (partially) taxable income by the IRS. Participants or their assignees receiving incentive payments totaling $600 or more during a program year and who are not organized as a corporation will receive a 1099-MISC from Fort Collins Utilities in January or February of the subsequent year. Participant, or alternate payment recipient, may wish to consult a tax advisor on this matter.

Start saving money today!
Utilities offers $50 rebates on the purchase of ENERGY STAR® washing machines.

This rebate may not be combined with the select Kenmore washing machine discount offered for a limited time at Sears.

Applications are available online (PDF 526KB) or at a participating retail store.

Get Started:

  • purchase and install qualified appliances according to program rules on the application
  • return completed application (PDF 526KB) and copy of sales receipt(s) to:

Fort Collins Utilities
Customer Service Division
Home Conservation Rebates
PO Box 580
Fort Collins, CO 80522

or scan and email to cmViYXRlc0BmY2dvdi5jb20=

  • 2017 applications must be submitted by Jan. 15, 2018
  • allow up to eight weeks for bill credit processing

Equipment must be:

  • new, qualified models
  • installed at a Fort Collins Utilities residential electric or water service address
  • purchased between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2017

Allow up to eight weeks for bill credit processing.

Clothes Washer Disposal

Many local appliance stores will pick up old clothes washers as part of delivery charges for new machines.

For information on disposal options, visit Environmental Service's recycling page.

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Tip #168

Replace older appliances with ENERGY STAR® products.

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