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Outage Preparedness

  • Three-phase submersible transformer

Preparing for and Reporting Electric Outages: Options for Businesses

Fort Collins Utilities provides highly reliable electric service to the community, typically receiving ratings above 99.99 percent reliability. However, electric outages do occur and could have an impact on your business.

Light and Power employees work year-round to maintain the electric system and install new technology to continually improve service. When an outage occurs, our top priority is to restore power quickly and safely, 24/7.

Statistically, an average customer in our community sees a short outage approximately every two to three years. While most outages are restored within an hour, we understand that it still has an impact on your business operations.

Learn what your business can do to better protect its equipment and minimize overall impacts.

Reporting Water Service Disruptions or Emergencies

Call 970-221-6700 to report water-related service issues (e.g., water line breaks, etc.).

Information on larger water disruptions will be posted at, though if your facility is impacted or you have concerns, please let us know.

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Tip #206

Replace incandescent exit signs with LED exit signs.

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