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Energy Tips

Plant fast-growing vines to block unwanted summer sun (results in months).

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Electric Equipment

Keep Electric Equipment Clear

Electric equipment, meters, transformers, and oval or round vaults (installed at ground level) must remain visible and accessible.

These guidelines help ensure the safety of crews and eliminate delays when restoring electric service during outages.

When landscaping, maintain:

  • 2 feet of clear space to the side and 3 feet of space to the front for electric meters and service-entrance equipment
  • 3 feet of clearance around oval and round vaults
  • 8 feet of clearance from the front of transformers and switchgear with 3 feet of clearance to the sides and rear

Additional Guidelines

  • Keep plants to a minimum
  • Contact Utilities before painting transformers or other electrical equipment
  • Avoid hiding the equipment with fencing, bushes, earthen berms, rocks or other objects