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Look Up & Live#

The display used in this 30-minute entertaining presentation is a scale model of a typical overhead power line that carries 15,000 volts of electricity.

The program demonstrates proper ways to:

  • Install antennas and fences.
  • Trim trees.
  • Conduct excavation activities (digging).
  • Deal with an auto accident.
  • Respond to downed power lines.
  • Handle construction emergencies.
  • Conduct rescue efforts.
  • Play with kites and in tree houses.

Topics covered include why contact with overhead power lines may happen, how to best avoid it and what to do when it occurs. Participants are encouraged to "look up and live" before doing anything around power lines.

The presentation is appropriate for classrooms of all ages, construction workers, clubs and organizations and the general public.

Email Trenton King for more information or to schedule an event.

Did You Know?

Watering every third day helps the grass develop deeper roots and use moisture deep in the ground.

Pouring cooled fats, oils and grease (FOG) into a sealable container and putting it in the trash or taking used oil to a recycling center can help prevent costly sewer backups.

Ensuring the dryer vent pipe is not kinked or blocked helps your dryer run more efficiently.