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Advanced (Smart) Meters#

Most Fort Collins homes, businesses and schools are equipped with advanced electric meters. Advanced meters, also known as smart meters or digital meters, provide two-way communication between the meter and Utilities through radio frequency (RF) waves, allowing accurate, timely meter readings and the ability to turn on and off service remotely.

Homeowners have access to this data online through the MyEnergy and MyWater portals

FAQs and History

Privacy and Security#

Advanced meters pose little to no risk to your privacy and security. Usage data transmitted across the network is encrypted using industry-standard processes and technologies. Private customer data is not transmitted to or from the meter.

Utilities adheres to strict policies by following state laws that regulate the use of data for business functions like billing and customer service. The City implemented a Cyber Security Plan and is audited by the federal government to ensure all necessary precautions are implemented.

Health and Safety#

All advanced meters are specified, manufactured, installed and accessed by trained and certified engineering and electrical professionals in compliance with industry safety and manufacturing standards, including IEEE, ANSI, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

Advanced meters operate at levels much lower than the maximum permissible exposure limits for RF. RF waves are used in many common devices including cell phones, microwaves, wireless routers and even baby monitors. Studies show advanced meters transmit lower levels of RF than many of these devices, and typically, in short bursts throughout the day.

Manual Meter Readings

If you prefer to have your meter manually read for a monthly fee, call our Customer Care Division, 970-212-2900. This option must be approved by the property owner.

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Electric Meter Maintenance

The City's electric system and infrastructure includes the operation and maintenance of utility-owned electric meters. Maintenance tasks ensure continued accurate and reliable measurement of energy consumption.

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Did You Know?

LED light bulbs use 75% less electricity than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Installing ENERGY STAR® roofing material with high reflectance can reduce cooling load.

Fort Collins Utilities is committed to providing ‘round-the-clock, world-class service to our community. We operate 24/7/365.