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Energy Tips

Plant trees on east, southeast, southwest and west exposures to reduce solar heat gain and reduce glare through windows.

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Water Conservation Standards for Commercial Development

What are the water conservation standards?

In July 2009, City Council adopted new landscape and irrigation standards for water conservation. They are included in the City's Land Use Code, Section 3.2.1. The purpose is to promote water efficiency through well designed and installed landscapes and irrigation systems.

What projects are subject to the standards?

The standards apply to all projects within the city limits that are required to submit a landscape plan (commercial, multi-family and HOA common areas). They do not apply to single-family homes. Duplexes are also included when they are part of a planned unit development. The standards apply to common areas of single-family developments, but do not apply to single-family residences. Irrigation plans are only required for developments that are served water by the City.