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Water-Wise Lawn Care#

Watering Tips#

  • Only water when grass turns a dull, bluish-gray color and footprints remain. After a rain, skip watering until the grass dries.
  • Water no more than two days a week (three days during extreme heat and dry periods) so the grass develops deeper roots and uses moisture deep in the ground.
  • Water between midnight - 6 a.m. when wind and evaporation are minimal.
  • Bluegrass lawns generally require 1" - 1.5" of water per week, depending on the weather. Most shrubs and trees require less water than bluegrass, so water them separately. See the recommended watering times on the chart below.
  • In the fall, winterize early to save water and protect equipment from damage due to freezing.
  • Learn more about tips for hand-watering lawns and landscaping.

Download the Water-Wise Lawn Care Guidebook

Recommended Watering Times#

Mowing Tips#

  • Mow early – mowing when it's cool reduces stress on grass.
  • Mow sharp – dull mower blades tear the grass causing it to stress.
  • Mow higher – mow bluegrass 2 1/2 " - 3" tall to promote deeper rooting and to shade the plant's root zone. Never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf blade.
  • Leave clippings – grass clipping add nutrients to the soil. A mulching mower chops grass into smaller pieces.

Lawn Care Ideas and Resources#

Did You Know?

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