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Pressure Calculation Worksheet#

Complete this worksheet for the most pressure-demanding lateral, print it and submit it to the City with the irrigation plan.

a. Pressure available at point-of-connection   psi
b. Pressure loss through the meter - psi
c. Pressure loss through the backflow prevention device - psi
d. Pressure loss in mainline pipe from backflow prevention device to remote control valve - psi
e. Pressure loss through remote control valve - psi
f. Pressure loss in lateral pipe form remote control valve to most remote sprinkler - psi
g. Elevation change from point-of-connection to most remote sprinkler (0.43 psi per foot of elevation, (+) if sprinkler is lower, (-) if sprinkler is higher) +/- psi
h. Miscellaneous losses through other valves, strainers, etc.
(in some cases, this will not be applicable)
- psi
i. Total possible pressure loss (total of b through h) - psi
j. Remaining pressure (subtract i from a)   psi
k. Minimum pressure required at sprinkler   psi
l. Difference (subtract j from k)*   psi

If value of l. is negative, a booster pump may be needed. If the value is more than +15 psi, pressure reduction may be necessary for this and/or other zones.

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