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Annual Water Use Table - Landscape Plan#

Per Land Use Code Section 3..2.1, a Water Use Table is required to identify the target amount of water that should be applied during a typical watering season, which is required on landscape and irrigation plans. If there is more than one tap on site, a separate table is required for each tap. An example Water Use Table is listed below.


  1. Divide the plan into hydrozones, grouping plants with similar water needs together. Check the City of Fort Collins Plant List to determine the appropriate hydrozones for plants in your design.
  2. Calculate the area (in square feet) for each hydrozone. Add the square feet together for all the areas in the same hydrozone. For example, if there are three Moderate hydrozone areas, add the areas together for a total.
  3. Calculate a total annual water use (in gallons) for each type of hydrozone by multiplying the area by the water need (in gallons per square foot). Add the water use for all the hydrozones together to determine a total annual water use for the site.
  4. Divide the total annual water use by the total area to determine that the overall site will use no more than 15 gallons per square foot per watering season.
Hydrozone Area
Water Need
Annual Water Use
High 6,830 18 122,940
Moderate 14,480 14 202,720
Low 1,310 8 10,480
Very Low 0 3 0
TOTAL 22,620 Avg*: 14.9 336,140
*must not exceed 15 gal./s.f./season

Did You Know?

Every 2 degrees higher you set your air conditioner can save up to 14% on cooling costs.

Rebates are available for 1.1 gallons per flush, WaterSense-labeled toilets.

Closing crawl space vents and covering the crawl space floor with at least 6 millimeters of plastic can reduce soil moisture.