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Tap Size vs. Turf Area Table

This table is intended as an aid for irrigation design. The values are calculated assuming peak daily evapotranspiration rates of 0.25 inches for Kentucky Bluegrass and 0.20 inches for Turf-type Tall Fescue. For the purposes of the calculations, assume that the irrigation efficiency and tap utilization efficiency are equal to 100 percent, and the maximum time of irrigation is 8 hours. More realistically, however, this would be equivalent to irrigation and tap utilization efficiencies of 80 percent, and a maximum irrigation time of 12 hours.

These maximum discharges assume a disk-type meter. In certain cases irrigation-only taps that are 1-1/2 inches or larger, turbine meters are allowed, which have higher maximum discharge limits.

Tall Fescue
sq.ft. acres sq.ft. acres
3/4" 10 30,800 0.71 38,500 0.88
1" 25 77,000 1.77 96,000 2.20
1 1/2" 50 154,000 3.54 192,500 4.42
2" 80 246,500 5.66 308,000 7.07
3" 160 493,000 11.32 616,000 14.14
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