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Annual Water Use Table - Irrigation Plan#


  1. Irrigated areas for each zone should be a "best estimate," splitting areas between zones as necessary. For drip irrigation, the irrigated area should estimate the area actually wetted by the emitters.
  2. Determine the average annual water use (in gallons per square foot) by referring to the hydrozones listed on the Water Use Table on the landscape plan.
  3. Determine the annual total water use (in gallons) by multiplying the irrigated area (in square feet) by the average gallons per square foot for that zone.
  4. Divide the total water use by the irrigated area to determine overall gallons per square foot (not to exceed 15 gal./s.f.).
Zone I.D. Irrigated
Area (s.f.)
Hydrozone Water Use
Total Water
Use (gal.)
A1 6,380 Moderate 14 89,320
A2 8,100 Moderate 14 113,400
A3 5,330 High 18 95,940
A4 1,500 High 18 27,000
A5 820 Low 8 6,560
A6 490 Low 8 3,920
TOTAL 22,620   Avg*: 14.9 336,140
*must not exceed 15 gal./s.f./season


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