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Thank You, Natural Area Adopters!#

These special people have volunteered to take an active role in the stewardship of natural areas by doing monthly litter pick-ups. You can join the fun and adopt a natural area, too!

Natural Site Area Adopting Group or individual
Arapaho Bend Natural Area

Francoise Carpenter

Keegan Parish

Linda Kotsides

Bobcat Ridge Natural Area Kristi Wolley
Butterfly Woods Natural Area Angie Reyes
Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area*

Craig and Joyce Bryant

Mike Gerrish

Darren Peeples

William Hudson

Cattail Chorus Natural Area

Ann Donaghue

Elaine Edwards

Mary Stewart

The Coterie Natural Area

Christi Brockway

Ashley Waddell

Cottonwood Hollow Natural Area

Bradley Bowen

American Society for Civil Engineers

Deb Goldberg

Colina Mariposa Natural Area (Longview Trail)

Christi Brockway

Ashley Waddell

Coyote Ridge Natural Area

Dennis Kaster

Eagle View (not open to public)

Judy Berganini

Fossil Creek Reservoir

Vicki Helton

Mary Anderson

Fossil Creek Wetlands Natural Area

Leslie Mussetter

Kyle McChesney

Gateway Natural Area

Annie Hessler

Tyler Lucero

Goose Hollow Natural Area

AnneMarie Kelnhofer

Kyle Palmiscno

Gustav Swanson

Catholic Charities

Bethany Bray

Hazaleous Natural Area (Longview Trail) Adrienne Ralston
Kingfisher Point Natural Area

Trey Carroll

Magpie Meander Natural Area* Jenny Fish
Mallard's Nest Natural Area

Laura Smith

Maxwell Natural Area

Melissa Davis

Megan Litchfield (CSU ROTC)

McMurry Natural Area

Dale Agger

Ellen Heath

Janette McBroom

North Shields Ponds Natural Area*

Melissa Benton

Barbara Sebek

Cassy Johnson

David Johnson

Pelican Marsh Natural Area

Alan Miller

Suzanne K. Miller

Deb Goldberg

Pineridge Natural Area

Elise Imsland

Sue Wolfet 

Diane Duvall

Prospect Ponds Natural Area 

Sarah Peacock

Deb Goldberg

Daniel Piemontese

Red Fox Meadows Natural Area

Polaris Expeditionary Learning School

Kayleigh Helberg (CSU School of Business)

Redwing Marsh Natural Area

Bonnie Urie

Lisa Ritter

Susan Dominica

Reservoir Ridge Natural Area

Libby Edwards

Alex Rusch

Riverbend Ponds Natural Area

The Peacock Family

Kristi Wolley 

Ross Natural Area

Kelly Auch

Joe Tamargo

Running Deer Natural Area

Highly Artistic

Traci Jones

Zach Young

Shields Street River Access Barbara Sebek
Soapstone Prairie Natural Area (March-November) Vicky and Brian Carroll
Tanglewood Natural Area

Kelly Auch

Heather Schenck

Two Creeks Natural Area

Ellen Heath

Kevin Borchert

Various Natural Areas