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Natural Areas

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  •   8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (M-F, except for holidays)

Thank You, Natural Area Adopters!

These special people have volunteered to take an active role in the stewardship of natural areas by doing monthly litter pick-ups. You can join the fun and adopt a natural area, too!

Natural Site Area Adopting Group or individual
Arapaho Bend Natural Area Michelle Beall
Butterfly Woods Natural Area  
Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area*

Craig and Joyce Bryant

Hank Galbreather

Cattail Chorus Natural Area AECOM
The Coterie Natural Area Northern Colorado Prairie Dog Advocates
Cottonwood Hollow Natural Area

Charlie Sturgill

Fossil Creek Wetlands Natural Area Christopher Tuck
Goose Hollow Natural Area

Czero, Inc.

Ellen & Jonathan Boeke

Kingfisher Point Natural Area Kittle Real Estate
Magpie Meander Natural Area* Jenny Fish
Mallard's Nest Natural Area Francoise Smith
Maxwell Natural Area Center for Family Outreach
North Shields Ponds Natural Area* Melissa Benton
Pelican Marsh Natural Area  
Pineridge Natural Area Carrie Visintainer
Prospect Ponds Natural Area  Sigma Pi
Red Fox Meadows Natural Area Polaris Expeditionary Learning School
Redwing Marsh Natural Area Bonnie Urie
Lisa Ritter
Reservoir Ridge Natural Area Libby Edwards
Riverbend Ponds Natural Area The Peacock Family
Ross Natural Area Kristine MunLeeuw
Running Deer Natural Area

Charlie Sturgill

Harry Rose and Carole Hossan

Shields Street River Access Barbara Sebek
Soapstone Prairie Natural Area (March-November) Vicky and Brian Carroll
Tanglewood Natural Area  
Two Creeks Natural Area  
Various Natural Areas