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Providing Safe, Reliable Drinking Water#

Fort Collins Utilities is committed to providing safe, reliable drinking water now and into the future.

We are one of several water districts that provides water to Fort Collins residents, businesses and industries. Serving more than 35,000 customers, our service area covers about 35 square miles.

Responsible for water from source to tap, we manage a large portfolio of water rights, store and divert raw water, process and treat drinking water, and distribute it to customers while monitoring the quality every step of the way. Scroll down for details.

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By the Numbers#

  • 35,000+ customers (32,000+ residential, 3,000+ commercial)
  • 75,000 acre-feet of water rights owned, valued at about $1.5 billion
  • 23 billion gallons of water treated in 2017
  • 500+ miles of water mains
  • 12,900+ valves
  • 3,700+ fire hydrants
  • 10,000 feet of undersized or aging water mains replaced each year

Your Water#

Cameron Peak Fire

Water Supply Status & Quality

See how the 2020 wildfires affected our water supply and watershed.

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Poudre River

Water Supply & Planning

See how we manage our water supply to ensure clean, reliable water for customers now and into the future.

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Pouring water from a pitcher to a glass

Drinking Water

We are committed to providing reliable drinking water of superior quality.

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We proudly serve high-quality water to over 35,000 residents and businesses.

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Monitoring water quality in the river

Water Quality

We monitor water quality in source waters, treated drinking water and treated water returned to the environment.

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Fort Collins wins best tasting water

Awards & Certifications

Our treated drinking water consistently surpasses state and federal standards for purity.

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Policies & Reports#

Water Quality Report

View detailed information about where our water comes from, what it contains and other information.

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Drinking Water Quality Policy

City Council Resolution 93-144 adopted the Drinking Water Quality Policy to ensure continuous delivery of high-quality drinking water to Fort Collins Utilities' customers.

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What's In the Works: Projects and Programs#

Halilgan Reservoir

Halligan Water Supply Project

The Halligan Water Supply Project proposes to enlarge the existing Halligan Reservoir by approximately 8,200 acre-feet.

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Fort Collins Neighborhood

Safe Water Action Program (SWAP)

SWAP identifies and replaces galvanized service lines, which may have a lead gooseneck within the Fort Collins Utilities service area.

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Capital Improvement Projects

See what capital improvement projects are currently in the works.

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Raw Water Rental Program#

Surplus water can be rented for irrigation purposes through the annual Raw Water Rental Program.

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Guidelines & Resources#


Conservation & Efficiency


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Building under construction

Building & Development


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Utility bill



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Service Line Ownership & Responsibility


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fire hydrant

Landscape Guidelines


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