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Water Improvement Projects#

Current Projects#

Past Projects#

Recoating Water Outlet

Horsetooth Outlet Project (HOP)

The Horsetooth Outlet Project (HOP) was an important infrastructure maintenance project planned by Northern Water and the Bureau of Reclamation to repair and upgrade the Soldier Canyon Dam outlet in 2020.

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Crew in the Michigan Ditch tunnel.

Michigan Ditch Tunnel

Due to an ongoing landslide that covered part of the Michigan Ditch in 2015, trans-mountain water was not flowing. Many options were considered to repair the damage to the ditch and a tunnel was determined to be the best solution.

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Did You Know?

The Transformer Cabinet Murals program works with local artists and non-profit groups to paint bright, colorful murals on cabinets.

Cleaning your dryer filter regularly prevents lint build ups that can reduce airflow resulting in clothes not drying completely.

You can save water when washing smaller loads by selecting the setting for the corresponding water level.