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Water Distribution#

Old wooden pipeline.

Fort Collins Utilities proudly serves high-quality water to over 35,000 residents and businesses. Established in 1882, the Water Utility maintains: 

  • more than 500 miles of water mains (pipelines)
  • approximately 12,700 valves and 3,760 fire hydrants
  • over 35,140 water meters

Our water comes from the Cache la Poudre River and Horsetooth Reservoir and is treated at the Water Treatment Facility.

The quality of our infrastructure and ongoing maintenance and replacement programs, known as capital improvement projects, are critical to our water distribution system. Some of Fort Collins’ pipelines have been in operation for over 100 years and must be upgraded to continue providing safe and reliable water.

Learn more about the importance of water infrastructure through this American Water video.

More Information

  • Learn more about water line leaks, service leaks, meter issues or report a water-related problem, 970-221-6700.
  • Report inefficient water use, call 970-416-2881 or submit a request online. 
  • Learn about residential water efficiency programs, rebates and services.