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Raw Water Rental Program#

North Poudre Irrigation Company (NPIC) Rental Program Updates#

  • NPIC AG rental water will be available in 2023.
  • Multiple Use (MU) rental water will not be available due to continued impacts to supply from the 2020 Cameron Peak and East Troublesome fires, and continued drought in the Colorado River Basin.
  • For 2023, Fort Collins will rent its available NPIC AG water supplies through administration by NPIC staff as was done in 2022.
  • Rental requests should be directed to NPIC at or 970-568-3612.

Water Supply and Storage Company (WSSC) Rental Program Updates#

There will be no Water Supply and Storage rentals this year.

Other 2023 Program Updates#

Fort Collins Utilities' Raw Water Rental Program for 2023 will continue to be affected by water quality and availability of supplies due to the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome fires. Additionally, with the ongoing drought in the Colorado River Basin and uncertain impacts to the CBT system, it is imperative to secure CBT supplies for our customers.

For the 2023 season:

  • No Colorado-Big Thompson (CBT) rentals
  • No new leases for fully consumable supplies

We encourage everyone to look elsewhere to secure water for the 2023 season. We anticipate the impacts of fires and drought will continue for several years.

Please refer to this website for updates. We appreciate your patience and understanding with these changes.

Program Overview#

Utilities is a shareholder in several local ditch and reservoir companies and holds allotment contracts for the delivery of CBT water. After treated and raw water demands are met for our existing customers and raw water delivery obligations are fulfilled, there is typically surplus water that can be rented. This water is allocated through the annual Raw Water Rental Program. 

The Utilities has four sources of rental water:

  1. North Poudre Irrigation Company (NPIC)
  2. Water Supply and Storage Company (WSSC)
  3. Colorado-Big Thompson (CBT)
  4. Fully consumable supplies

Did You Know?

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Fort Collins Utilities monitors water quality in our water sources, treated drinking water and treated water returned to the environment.