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Source Water Monitoring and Protection#

Monitoring and Protecting Our Water Sources

Horsetooth Reservoir and the Upper Cache la Poudre (CLP) River are the drinking water sources for the City of Fort Collins. Since the late 1980s, Fort Collins Utilities has conducted water quality monitoring of its drinking water sources. Water quality monitoring is an important tool to proactively track changes in water quality and identify sources of pollution to the City's drinking water supplies. The collection and assessment of data helps the City meet present and future drinking water treatment goals. The objectives of the Source Watershed Program are to:

  • Ensure high-quality water supplies are maintained
  • Determine long-term water quality changes that may increase treatment costs
  • Support the design and optimization of water treatment plant processes
  • Determine impacts of land use and human activity on water quality
  • Support the protection of the City's drinking water sources

Did You Know?

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