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Fire Hydrants

When landscaping around fire hydrants, Fort Collins Utilities and Poudre Fire Authority require:

  • 3 feet of clearance around hydrants so fire crews can locate hydrants quickly and connect fire hoses
  • 15 feet of clearance above hydrants for maintenance
  • 18 inches of vertical clearance from the hydrant's base to the center of the large cap so crews can connect fire hoses quickly and/or conduct maintenance

Additional Guidelines

  • Never paint a fire hydrant
  • Keep plants and landscaping to a minimum near hydrants

Examples of good landscaping around hydrants.

Can you find the hydrants in the photos below? It might take you a minute.

If the fire department cannot find the hydrant quickly enough, it will take them longer to locate a viable water source in case of an emergency.

Note: If needed, City of Fort Collins Utilities and Poudre Fire Authority crews have the right to cut back landscaping to work in the area.