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Floodplain Maps & Documents#

Everyone Has Flood Risks, Know Yours.

City Floodplain Maps

View Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and City floodplain maps to determine if your property is in a floodplain.

Elevation certificates are available online.

View Map

Stop! Read First#

Always look at the maps for both the FEMA floodplain and City floodplains to determine if a property is in a floodplain

Although City maps show areas outside city limits, do not use the maps to make floodplain determinations in Larimer County. Contact Larimer County Engineering at 970-498-5700 for County floodplain map information.

Please refer to the CSU Floodplain Management website for floodplain mapping and requirements on CSU’s Main Campus.

You can also obtain a copy of the FEMA maps on the FEMA website. Check out FEMA's tutorial to learn how to create a specific map.

Floodplain Maps for Smartphones#

The floodplain maps are now mobile friendly on all devices.

FEMA Letters of Map Revision or Amendment#

These maps do not reflect FEMA Letters of Map Revision based on Fill (LOMR-F) or Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA).

View a list of properties (PDF 11KB) for which these LOMA and LOMR changes have been issued.

Flood Insurance Study#

Dated February 6, 2013:

  • Vol. 1 (PDF 2.93 MB, 160 pages)
  • Vol. 2 (PDF 27.9MB, 108 pages)
  • Vol. 3 (PDF 21.3MB, 113 pages)
  • Vol. 4 (PDF 102.9MB, 128 pages)

Understand Your Flood Risk#

Did You Know?

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