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Business Rebates & Incentives#

Fort Collins Utilities encourages our business customers to reduce their energy and water consumption through a variety of rebates and incentives.

Reducing your consumption not only saves you money, but also reduces fossil fuel consumption and green-house gas emissions, preserving our environment for future generations.

Building Energy Scoring: Benchmark Your Facility
Local and national comparisons of peer facilities provide a simple, yet valuable way for building owners and property managers to understand their facilities’ energy use and identify opportunities to reduce energy-related costs. Start monitoring and improving your building’s performance at

Integrated Design Assistance Program (IDAP): Design Efficiency Into Your New Building

CSU’s Powerhouse features a robust building thermal envelope, low energy use HVAC with no refrigerants and efficient 24-volt DC LED lighting. IDAP incentives helped support a design change to high performance windows and other energy saving features. Lean more at

Photo credit: The Neenan Company