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Commercial Irrigation Efficiency#

Commercial and HOA Irrigation Equipment Rebates#

Fort Collins Utilities offers rebates on new, qualified water-saving irrigation equipment for our commercial and HOA water customers.  

Equipment must be purchased between Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, and installed at a Fort Collins Utilities commercial or HOA address. Applications must be submitted within 60 days of purchase. Please allow up to eight weeks for rebate processing. Funds are limited. Utilities reserves the right to verify equipment purchase and installation location for requested rebates.

Complete Commercial and HOA Rebate Application

*W9 forms must be completed and emailed to in order to process your rebate.

Eligible Equipment Rebate Amount/Unit Description
WaterSense Smart Controllers $440.00 (up to 50% of cost) Rebate is intended for controllers connected to an in-ground irrigation system that are WaterSense certified. 
Controller Add-on $55.00

Add-on device will make controller WaterSense certified and able to adapt watering schedules as weather changes.

Rain Sensors $35.00 Rebate is for wired or wireless. Rain sensor is required to be connected to an irrigation controller that controls an in-ground irrigation system. 
Flow Sensors $110.00 Flow sensors measure flow of each irrigation zone on an irrigation system and sends that information to an irrigation controller. Rebated equipment is required 
Rotary Nozzles $3.50 Rotary nozzles slowly deliver multiple rotating streams of water- reducing water waste. Rotor nozzles or rotor heads and pressure reducing spray heads do not qualify. 
Master Valves $110.00 Master valve is installed at the base of the backflow device, which controls water flow into the mainline of the system
Drip Conversions $220.00 per zone Rebate is for converting grass/turf zones to drip irrigation. Drip systems installed with a new underground irrigation system do not qualify.
Contractor visit $55.00 This rebate covers some of the expense of having a landscape technician attend a rebate meeting with City representatives. 

Tax Information#

Payments provided by Utilities for the purchase or installation of water conservation measures may in some circumstances be considered as (partially) taxable income by the IRS.

Customers receiving incentive payments totaling $600 or more during a program year and who are not organized as a corporation will receive a 1099-MISC from Utilities in January or February of the subsequent year.

Participant, or alternate payment recipient, may wish to consult a tax advisor on this matter. 

Need help?

For questions or help filling out the application, contact Eric Olson at 970-221-6704 or

Slow the Flow: Commercial and HOA Sprinkler Evaluations#

Sign up to get a FREE sprinkler evaluation for your business or HOA through Resource Central.

These evaluations will give you a comprehensive view of your sprinkler system’s performance and offer actionable steps to improve its efficiency and reduce water waste.


  • A customized watering schedule
  • A detailed report with a list of easy fixes to improve system performance
  • A roadmap for next steps

Appointment scheduling begins in June.

Sign up today!

For more information, visit

For additional inquires, contact or 303-999-3824.

Check out the Allotment Management Program. Qualified customers may be eligible to receive a waiver from Excess Water Use surcharges for up to three years if a water conservation project is implemented.

Receive a rebate through the Xeriscape Incentive Program for replacing grass with an eligible low-water landscape.

Water-Wise Landscape and Irrigation Professionals are experienced in working with water-wise principals, are informed on City landscaping programs and are ready to help you achieve a water-saving landscape.

Did You Know?

Opening curtains and shades during the winter can help the sun warm your home.

Home office and overall electronics typically use very little electricity (1 cent or less per hour on average).

Ensuring the air flow around your refrigerator is not obstructed helps your fridge run more efficiently.