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Ensure programmable thermostats are programmed correctly.

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Commercial Irrigation Efficiency*

*Includes businesses, multifamily complexes and irrigation taps.

Save water and money with a landscape water budget or by working with a Certified Landscape Professional.

Landscape Water Budget Program

Water bills can be a large expense for HOAs and businesses. Enroll in the free Landscape Water Budget program to see if you can save money on your landscape expenses. Like a financial budget, a water budget helps make the best use of your resources by tracking water use and comparing it to water-use goals determined by vegetation type, irrigated area and weather. This program is only available to Fort Collins Utilities water customers with commercial water taps. 

Participants will:

  1. Receive initial report outlining recommended water use compared to current water use.
  2. Participate in a one-hour site visit to review budget and basic opportunities. We ask that the community manger/property manager, landscaper, facility manager, and a HOA member (if applicable) attend to increase communication between groups and encourage common goals.
  3. Receive subsequent reports through the 2019 irrigation season outlining recommended water use and current water use. Subsequent reports serve as “check-ins” to see how the site is performing.

Space is limited so sign-up today! Register here once you have read the Program Guidelines (PDF 182KB).

For more information, contact Abbye Neel, Water Conservation Specialist, 970-416-4371, YW5lZWxAZmNnb3YuY29t.

A sample water budget identifies when water is being overapplied (red). Budget is based on the landscape area and Fort Collins’ weather for the year.

Save by working with a Certified Landscape Professional

The new Certified Landscape Professionals (CLP) program helps local residents identify certified landscape and irrigation professionals.

CLP members have gone through the rigorous process of obtaining certification from a leading landscape organization, which is why Utilities recommends the following businesses for landscaping and irrigation needs.

Partner to Save – A Midstream Process

Utilities no longer offers irrigation rebates directly to commercial customers. Instead, Utilities works directly with contractors (CLPs) to encourage installation of high-efficiency irrigation equipment.

With this approach, more irrigation installs are performed by qualified, water-efficiency-focused contractors. Customers working with CLPs receive high-quality service and are no longer burdened with paperwork.

Partner with a CLP to save today.