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Energy Tips

Try low water-using plants that provide seasonal colors and textures for year round beauty.

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Facility Assessment

Schedule a free facility assessment to learn how your business can improve efficiency by cutting energy and water costs.

A whole facility energy and water assessment is a site-specific, free service for commercial customers that helps you understand and manage your utility costs.

Participants must be a current Fort Collins Utilities business customer receiving electric and/or water service.

Get Started

  • Download and complete the assessment application (PDF 118KB). If opening on a tablet or mobile phone, use the Adobe Acrobat Reader app to fill out the form.
  • Email the form to YXNzZXNzbWVudHNAZmNnb3YuY29t.
  • Optional: attach any other relevant materials such as building floorplans, construction drawings, etc.

In addition to the facility assessment, Building Energy Scoring, also known as benchmarking, is another tool that can help your business become more energy-efficient.

Case studies demonstrate how Efficiency Works has helped local businesses save big on utility costs.

Building Energy Scoring: Benchmark Your Facility
Local and national comparisons of peer facilities provide a simple, yet valuable way for building owners and property managers to understand their facilities’ energy use and identify opportunities to reduce energy-related costs. Start monitoring and improving your building’s performance at