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Commercial Water Efficiency#

Save your business, HOA or multifamily complex water and money with our rebates and programs.

Rebates & Products#

apartment complex

Custom Rebates

Receive a rebate for water conservation projects that don't fall into any of the specific rebate categories.

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commercial kitchen

Appliance Rebates

Find rebates for clothes washers and commercial kitchen appliances.

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Restroom Rebates

Consider replacing water-guzzling toilets with efficient models, and save money while doing it!

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person rinsing dishes in restaurant sink

Complimentary Products and Services

Receive free water-efficient equipment like sink aerators, pre-rinse spray valves and showerheads.

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Irrigation Efficiency

See what resources are available to help businesses and HOAs irrigate more efficiently.

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grass outside a commercial building

Allotment Management Program (AMP)

Eligible customers can receive a temporary waiver from their Excess Water Use surcharges.

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commercial xeriscape

Xeriscape Incentive Program (XIP)

Receive a rebate for replacing grass with an eligible low-water landscape.

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Do Conservation and Efficiency Programs like these Work?#

To help reach water conservation goals established in the Water Efficiency Plan, we offer education, rebates and incentives for Fort Collins customers. As a result, average water use is down 22% since 2001.

View the latest Water Conservation Annual Report to learn more.

Did You Know?

Fertilizer encourages grass to grow, requiring more water. Use it lightly.

You can receive a rebate for purchasing a rain sensor.

LED light bulbs use 75% less electricity than traditional incandescent light bulbs.