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Solar Contractor Resources

Contractor installing solar

Fort Collins Utilities' Residential Solar Rebate Program created the Participating Solar Contractors Network to ensure consistent positive customer experience and support their decision-making with complete proposals and pricing details in a consistent, industry-accepted format.  

Effective June 2019: Only active Participating Solar Contractors may submit solar PV projects for the Residential Solar Rebate Program. In order to be eligible, a project must be sold, designed and installed by active Participating Solar Contractors. 

Solar PV and solar thermal system installers must register as a specialized trade contractor with Building Services to install solar systems in Fort Collins. Building Services requires a building permit application for every solar and/or battery storage installation.   

Every customer should receive the following documents with a proposal for a solar PV project: 

At a minimum, the customer must receive these documents with both the initial and final proposals for a project. 

Solar Rebate Projects Resources

Rebate Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a Fort Collins Utilities electric customer 
  • Solar PV Systems must be sold, designed and installed by a Participating Solar Contractor (effective June 2019)
  • The PV system must be sized greater than 500 watts and less than the capacity to provide 120 percent of average annual energy use over the previous 24 months. 
  • Systems must meet Utilities Interconnection Standards (PDF 353KB). 
  • Equipment must be new and UL listed and named on the eligible equipment list
  • The system cannot be shaded between 9 a.m.-3 p.m. If questionable, the applicant must submit shading analysis (check with your solar contractor). 
  • Customer agrees to manage trees and other potential shading sources to prevent shading from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. 
  • System orientation must achieve a minimum of 90% of estimated ideal annual output for full rebate allowance. 
  • The system must be installed within six months of the rebate reservation letter. 
  • Customers with homes built before 2005 must obtain an Efficiency Works' Home Audit, or provide documentation of a recent audit by a certified energy auditor within six months of receipt of the rebate reservation letter in order to receive the rebate. For newer homes, audits may be optional. 

 Solar Rebate Application 

  • A Participating Solar Contractor will submit the Interconnection and Solar Rebate Application, along with supporting documents as outlined in the application.  
  • The customer must review and acknowledge Fort Collins Utilities' interconnection and policies on page 4 of the application. 
  • Solar PV projects require two separate applications: 
    • Interconnection Application, which must be submitted to Fort Collins Utilities electronically with other documentation 
    • Building Permit Application, which must be submitted to Building Services in paper with other documentation 
  • Typical solar PV application process
  • Tracking your application: Contractors and customers can use the Fort Collins Citizen Access Portal to track a building application with the Building Department using the site address. 

Residential solar PV contractors qualify to join the Participating Solar Contractors Network by agreeing to conduct their business as described in the Participating Solar Contractor Guide and in accordance with best practice guidelines outlined in the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) Code of Business, and by adopting the use of standardized SEIA proposal disclosures.  

Contractors shall identify their business role(s) to Fort Collins Utilities by applying to participate in this Network as one or more of the following:   

  • Solar PV systems sales 
  • Solar PV system design  
  • Solar PV system installation 

Only customers who work with active Participating Solar Contractors for the sale, design and installation of their solar PV project are eligible for the Residential Solar Rebate (effective June 2019). 

See the current listing of Participating Solar Contractors.

Contact us to arrange an orientation and submit your Agreement: 

Todd Musci, Program Coordinator

Leland Keller, Energy Services Engineer  

For projects that do not seek or qualify for a solar rebate, contractors should complete the Parallel Power Generation Interconnection without rebate application.

Submit completed applications along with all required materials by email to c29sYXItcmViYXRlc0BmY2dvdi5jb20=.

Project Requirements:

  • PV system must be sized greater than 500 watts and less than the capacity to provide 120 percent of average annual energy use over the previous 24 months. 
  • Systems must meet Utilities Interconnection Standards
  • Equipment must be new and UL listed and named on the eligible equipment list