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Residential Alterations


Project Requirements Application Form
Deck  NEW! Deck Guide

Building Permit Application

Use the guide to create your plans. Submit (2) copies of all plans (can be hand drawn).



Shed Shed Guide
Pole Barn Must be designed and stamped by a Colorado Licensed Structural Engineer. 
Patio Cover or Carport Patio Cover Handout
Shade Sail NEW! Shade Sail Handout
Pergola  Sunshade Guide
Detached Garage Detached Garage Guide
Interior remodel NA (being created)
Basement Finish Basement Finish Guide
Convert a Single Family House to a Duplex

Duplex Conversion Guide

Submittal Guide

Pre-Built Structures and kits that do not comply with prescriptive structural building code (shipping containers etc.)

Must be designed and stamped by a Colorado Licensed Structural Engineer.

Solar System Solar Guide  Solar Application
Gas Fire Pit Submit product manufacturer's specifications and a site plan. Over-The-Counter Permit Application

NEW! Roofing Requirements 2018 IRC

Construction Waste Management 

Water Heater/Furnace/AC  
Wood stoves
Demolition  Demo Permit Application

New Residential Homes and Additions

New Home Construction

A newly built home is a house constructed in place from the foundation up and built under the current International Residential Code (IRC). The New Residential Submittal Guide can be used for a Single Family Detached Homes, Duplexes, and Townhomes. 

If the same structure will be built/replicated at least three time, submit as a stock plan. Contact us for more information about our stock plan process 970.416.2740

New Residential and Addition Submittal Guide

Residential Additions

An addition is where enclosed area is added to the existing structure.

Some examples are: enclosing a covered patio, adding a second level ("pop the top"), adding an attached shed ("lean-to"), adding area to the house for a larger kitchen or master bedroom. 

New Residential and Addition Submittal Guide

Applications and Forms

  1. New Residential and Addition Submittal Guide
  2. Building Permit Application
  3. Submit for an additional Demo Permit when removing exterior portions of the house for the new addition.
  4. Submit the Mechanical Design Form and mechanical load calcs for new forced air systems when the appliance and duct work is all new.
  5. Use the prescriptive sections of the Energy Compliance Form for insulation values required. 
  6. Construction Waste Management Plan

Residential Stock Plans

When the same home design will be built at least three times with limited variations, a stock plan design or master plan can be submitted for a single review and then built multiple times and connected to a site specific permit. 

For example: Imagine a grab-and-go style restaurant (where you place an order, take a number and find a table). The stock plan is like the menu, and the site specific permit is like you order and table number.

Stock Plan Submittal Guide (Single Family)

Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of Occupancy checklist