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Codes and Standards#

2018 International Codes#

Effective: January 12, 2019  All construction within the City of Fort Collins shall comply with following codes adopted by City Council.

2019 Contractor Code Amendment Training - Video

Structural Design Criteria for Fort Collins 

  • Snow Load: Live Load: 30 PSF / Ground Snow Load 30 PSF
  • Frost Depth: 30 inches
  • Seismic Design Category: B
  • Basic Wind Speed:
    • Risk Category ll (most structures):
      • 140mph (Ultimate) exposure B or 
      • Front Range Gust Map (ASCE 7-10 compatible published by The Structural Engineer's Association of Colorado, dated 10/18/2013)
    • Risk Category l: 130mph (Ultimate) exposure B
    • Risk Category lll & lV: 150mph (Ultimate) exposure B

2018 Energy Codes by Project Type#

Single Family Residence and Duplexhighlight_off
Multi-family (Apartments & Condos) 3 stories and lesshighlight_off
Commercial or Multi-Family 4 stories and tallerhighlight_off