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Residential Battery Storage Program#

Fort Collins Utilities supports battery storage system installations in conjunction with solar PV systems, or battery-only connections. The Net Metering Rate applies to residential customers with battery storage and solar PV.

Customers can take advantage of Time-of-Day pricing by charging their battery during off-peak hours and discharging to meet their energy loads or export power to the grid during on-peak hours.  

Battery Storage Benefits:#

  • Use stored energy to avoid buying energy during on-peak hours
  • Use more solar generation on-site, selling less back to grid
  • Minimize carbon footprint for electric consumption
  • Have energy security in case of grid outages
  • Enjoy energy resiliency for important electric loads
  • Reduce tax burden in the year of purchase if the battery is charged by renewable energy 

Participants in the Residential Battery Storage program receive the following benefits:  

  • Incentives for new battery system installations  
    • Incentive amount is calculated per kilowatt-hour of usable battery system energy capacity 
  • Strategic advice on how to use battery storage to minimize their energy bill 
  • Battery operating strategies balanced to meet their priorities: 
    • Maximizing solar energy self-consumption 
    • Minimizing energy bills  
    • Resiliency for emergency power 
    • Security for essential energy loads  

To take advantage of this offer: 

  1. Review 'Program Requirements' tab to confirm eligibility.
  2. Discuss battery storage system options with a Participating Solar Contractor. We advise getting at least two competitive bids. 
  3. Consider financing options, such as Fort Collins Utilities Epic Loan
  4. Get the project started! 
battery storage on wall

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Participant must be a Fort Collins Utilities residential electric customer proposing a compatible battery storage system permanently connected to the Fort Collins Utilities distribution grid. The battery system must also remain connected to the internet.  

Customers must meet eligibility and interconnection requirements of the Residential Solar Rebate Program and shall use the PowerClerk application platform, populating the battery incentive fields. One or more batteries can be added to an existing solar PV system or new solar PV system installation. Incentives are available for new battery system installations only.  

The program is designed to align with the customer’s battery system warranty terms. 

Installation incentives are subject to program participation and availability of funds on an annual basis. To reserve incentive funding, you must submit an application by November 30 of that calendar year.

The battery system must be programmed either for storing surplus solar energy to meet site loads or optimized to the Time-of-Day rate structure.

Customers shall support Fort Collins Utilities in accessing battery inverter operation data for monitoring purposes.

Fort Collins Utilities allows permanently installed battery energy storage systems to interconnect to the grid, subject to Fort Collins' Interconnection Standards. Solar contractors shall use the PowerClerk application platform when adding a battery to a new or existing solar PV system in Fort Collins. Contractors must receive approval for interconnection and be issued a building permit prior to construction. See the Solar Contractor Resources page for application details, code requirements and acceptable DER system configurations. 

Customers can charge or discharge batteries at any time. All energy consumed from the Fort Collins Utilities distribution grid or returned to the distribution grid is charged or credited according to the Time of Day rate structure and Residential Net Metering Rate.  Customers may charge batteries using power from the grid, but this practice has implications for claiming the Residential Energy Tax Credit.  

View Approved Storage System Designs

Contact for additional information:#

Leland Keller at 970-221-6857 or

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