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Residential Sprinkler Equipment Rebates#

New technology is available to help make sprinkler systems more water-efficient. Fort Collins Utilities offers rebates on qualifying equipment, including:

  1. Rain Sensor:
    • Wired: 50% of purchase price up to $15
    •  Wireless: 50% of purchase price up to $30
  2. Soil Moisture Sensor: 50% of purchase price up to $45
  3. Weather-Based Irrigation Controller: up to $50/controller or add on
  4. Weather Station Add-On: 50% of purchase price up to $50
  5. PRV at Point of Connection: 50% of purchase price up to $200
  6. Flow Sensors: 50% of purchase price up to $100
  7. Master Valves: 50% of purchase price up to $100
  8. Spigot Timers: 50% of purchase price up to $50
  9. Rotary Nozzles: $3 per nozzle, 5 units min./24 max., not to exceed purchase price
  10. Drip Conversion Equipment: 50% of purchase price, up to $100

Apply Online


Equipment must be:

  • New, qualified models
  • Installed at a Fort Collins Utilities residential water service address
  • Purchased between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2022

2022 applications must be submitted by Jan. 15, 2023. Please allow up to eight weeks for processing.

Get Started
  • Purchase and install equipment that meet the eligibility requirements above.
  • Complete the online application.
Tax Information

Payments provided by utilities (including Fort Collins Utilities) to Participants for the purchase or installation of water conservation measures may in some circumstances be considered as (partially) taxable income by the IRS. Participants or their assigns receiving incentive payments totaling $600 or more during a program year and who are not organized as a corporation will receive a 1099-MISC from Fort Collins Utilities in January or February of the subsequent year. Participant, or alternate payment recipient, may wish to consult a tax advisor on this matter.

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Did You Know?

The watersheds where our water comes from drain snowmelt and rainfall to the Cache la Poudre and Big Thompson rivers and Horsetooth Reservoir.

Insulating and air sealing the walls and roof keeps heat and/or cool air inside your home.

Stormwater Master Planning helps protect people, property and the environment against flooding, erosion and water quality problems caused by runoff.