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Residential Irrigation Equipment Rebates#

sprinkler controller

Fort Collins Utilities offers rebates on new, qualified water-saving irrigation equipment. Make sure the equipment you purchase qualifies by reviewing eligibility information listed on this page.  

After verifying your rebate eligibility, complete the residential efficiency rebates application on the Efficiency Works portal by clicking the button below. If you don't have an account with Efficiency Works, you can create one on the portal, or continue as a guest.

Equipment must be purchased between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, and applications must be submitted by Jan. 15 the following year. Please allow up to eight weeks for rebate processing. Funds are limited. Utilities reserves the right to verify equipment purchase and installation location for requested rebates.

Complete Rebate Application

Eligibility and Qualified Equipment#

  • Equipment must be installed at a Fort Collins Utilities residential water service address 
  • Customers can only claim one rebate for each equipment type per account, per year 
  • Rain sensors
    • Must connect to an automatic, in-ground sprinkler system 
    • Wired: 50% of purchase price, up to $15
    • Wireless: 50% of purchase price, up to $30 
  • Soil moisture sensor
    • Must connect to an automatic, in-ground sprinkler system 
    • 50% of purchase price, up to $45
  • Weather-based irrigation controller or weather station add-on
    • Must be WaterSense labeled 
    • 50% of purchase price, up to $50 
  • PRV at point of connection
    • Pre-approval required (contact
    • 50% of purchase price, up to $200 
  • Flow sensors
    • 50% of purchase price, up to $100 
  • Master valves
    • 50% of purchase price, up to $100 
  • Spigot timers
    • 50% of purchase price, up to $50 
  • Rotary nozzles
    • $3 per nozzle, 5 units min./24 max., not to exceed purchase price 
  • Drip conversion equipment
    • 50% of purchase price, up to $100 

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If a utility makes a payment to you for your purchase or installation of water conservation equipment, the rebate may be considered (partially) taxable income by the IRS. If you receive rebate payments totaling $600 or more within one calendar year, and you are not organized as a corporation, Fort Collins Utilities will send you a 1099-MISC from in January or February of the following year. You may wish to consult a tax advisor if you plan to exceed $600 in rebates.

Did You Know?

Customers experience some of the best reliability in the country with the average household being without power for less than 20 minutes per year – that means service is available 99.99% of the time!

Pre-cooling your home before 2 p.m. during the summer and coasting through the on-peak hours can save money on your utility bill.

Insulating and air sealing the walls and roof keeps heat and/or cool air inside your home.