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Colorado State University Research Finds Epic Homes Have Improved Comfort and Air Quality#

About the Study

In partnership with Epic Homes, Colorado State University conducted an indoor environmental quality (IEQ) study to improve our understanding of the connections between community health and well-being and energy efficiency upgrades. The IEQ of a building includes air quality, comfort and safety.

  • The study measured and analyzed IEQ indicators before and after the home upgrades.
  • Participation was not a requirement to participate in other Epic Homes/Efficiency Works™ Homes programs. 

What are the potential health and well-being impacts from energy efficiency upgrades? 

More than two-thirds of our lives are spent indoors. Research has shown that negative health and well-being symptoms and conditions are associated with poor IEQ. Independently, studies have indicated that energy efficiency upgrades can impact indoor air pollution, comfort, affordability and stress.  

One of the focus areas of the CSU study was to measure the amount of infiltration of outdoor air pollution, which can lead to environmental health risks. Exposure to outdoor air pollution is also a modifiable health risk factor where, in Fort Collins, small improvements can make a big difference.  

Preliminary results of the study have shown the following potential impacts from energy efficiency upgrades may include:

  • Reduced energy cost burden
  • Improved perception of home
  • Improved thermal comfort
  • Reduced infiltration of outdoor air
  • Improved indoor air quality

These factors, among others, can influence:

  • Respiratory health, sleep environment and quality stress
  • Cardiovascular, respiratory and cancer risk
  • Mental health
  • Quality of life

Did You Know?

Wearing an extra layer of clothing during the winter and lowering the thermostat a few degrees can help save money and energy.

Off-peak Time-of-Day prices are approximately 70% less than on-peak prices.

Rebates are available for 1.1 gallons per flush, WaterSense-labeled toilets.