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Real Estate Ally Network#

Epic Homes Real Estate Allies are trained and knowledgeable about all components of Epic Homes, especially the Epic Certificate and how to use it to sell homes.  

The Epic Homes Real Estate Ally Network is open to all real estate professionals. 

Network benefits: 

  • Access free materials and content to help market energy efficient home upgrades to customers. 
  • Stand out as a designated energy efficiency champion. 
  • Gain customer leads through the Epic Homes Real Estate Ally webpage and Efficiency Works Homes participating contractors. 
  • Leverage the Epic Certificate to sell newly updated homes.
  • Use the Epic Homes branded content for emails, newsletters, listing services and marketing collateral. 

How to Join the Network#

Step 1: Maintain active licensing in the state of Colorado. 
Optional: You may list your proficiency in a “green” (building/property) designation such as: 

Step 2: Attend one free Epic Homes training annually. 
Training dates will be announced as soon as more information is available. In the meantime, please refer to our previously recorded trainings: 

Step 3: Enroll in the network.
After completing the Epic Homes training, you will receive enrollment forms and be eligible to join the network. 

Step 4: Maintain your network status.  
To maintain your status, participate annually in an Epic Homes training and use the Real Estate Ally Network toolkit accurately and regularly in your own marketing throughout the year.

Questions? Call 970-416-4239 or email

What participants are saying:#

"This class was instrumental in understanding the city's certificate program. I feel much better equipped to explain this to my clients and above all, provide value to my community and overall public health." - Juliana Tyo, RE/MAX Alliance

"The Epic Home Real Estate Ally program is a brilliant way to use the local Realtor community as a channel to generate program awareness, participation and effectiveness." Dave Sanders, The Green Team Real Estate

"Absolutely fantastic class - everyone needs to know what Fort Collins has put together to make energy home improvements seamless and easy. A must-take class!" - Ben Emslie, RE/MAX Alliance

Did You Know?

Turning off lights and appliances when not in use saves energy

Stormwater pollution is the number one cause of water pollution in the country, and you can help prevent it.

Fort Collins Utilities is community-owned. Because of that, our customers benefit from lower rates and revenues that stay here.