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Single-Family Home and Rental Property Owners#

Financing home energy upgrades is now easier than ever. Utilities customers can complete efficiency upgrades and solar projects using an Epic Loan, with no money down, attractive terms and simple repayment on your monthly utility bill.

Fort Collins Utilities Customers can borrow up to $50,000 for Epic Homes energy efficiency upgrades and/or solar PV and battery systems projects using the Epic Loan. 

For more details, review the Epic Loan Program Guidelines.

  • No money down.
  • Borrow up to $50,000.
  • Attractive interest rates.
  • Simple application, easy to qualify.
  • Loans available up to 100% of the qualifying project cost.
  • Conveniently repay the loan on your monthly utility bill.
  • Easy, streamlined process for rental properties.

Interest rates are defined in the Epic Loan Product Guidelines as referenced in the Financial Officer’s Rules and Regulations, which adhere to the legal parameters and objectives established in the Fort Collins Municipal Code Section 26-720.

The interest rates in the Epic Loan Product Guideline are offered in a three-tier structure based on loan term, as noted below. These interest rates were effective as of May 5th, 2023. As needed, but no less frequently than on a semi-annual basis, the program manager and accounting director will review the interest rates and make a recommendation to the financial officer whether one or more rates should be modified. Should a revision in the rates be determined necessary, this webpage will be revised. 

Current Interest Rates

Tier I:

3- and 5-year terms: 5.25% interest

Tier II:

7- and 10-year terms: 5.55% interest

Tier III:

15-year terms: 5.95% interest

  • Single-family, attached side-by-side and attached over-under homes in Fort Collins (rental properties are eligible).
    • Over-under buildings are eligible for all project types, but the project must be done in the entire building.
  • Individually-owned condominiums are eligible for HVAC projects only.
  • Must be current Utilities electric customer to apply for energy efficiency and/or solar loans.
  • Customer must have one metered service in their name (example: water or electric service).
Utility Bill History Six months timely payments (if available, reviewed by Utilities)
Minimum FICO 640
Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Repossession None in the last five years
Unpaid Collection Accounts, Judgments, Tax Liens No more than $2,500
  • Air conditioner, heat pump, whole house fan and heat pump water heater.
  • Insulation and air sealing.
  • Windows.
  • Residential solar PV and battery systems.

All projects must qualify for a rebate and be approved by reviewers at Fort Collins Utilities. The project measures that qualify for a loan are listed as rebates on the Efficiency Works Homes website and the Residential Solar Rebates website.

  • Sign up for an Epic Homes assessment* through Efficiency Works Homes online or by calling 877-981-1888.
  • Select a contractor – must use an Efficiency Works Homes participating contractor for energy efficiency projects, and a Residential Solar program participating contractor for solar projects.
  • Complete loan application with Impact Development Fund online at or call 970-494-2021 ($49.90 for a single applicant or $98.80 for a joint application).
  • Complete project(s) following loan approval.
  • Schedule loan closing – funds will be wired to your contractor. You can also request a repayment of funds you paid your contractor upfront as part of your loan.
  • Loan payments will be set up on your monthly utility bill.**
  • Note: loans and repayments are not available for past projects.

*Epic Homes assessment not required for solar, heating- or cooling-only projects.

**Monthly payment of principal and interest will be collected by the City of Fort Collins Utility Billing Office as a line item on the borrower’s City of Fort Collins monthly utility bill. Any additional payment amount cannot be made against just the loan principal, or re-amortize the loan. All payments made exceeding the utility account balance are applied to all services equally as a credit.

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"Getting the loan approved was a great experience, easy to navigate, with no upfront costs. The on-bill financing is really convenient; you do not have to deal with an extra bill. The loan approval process was very simple and streamlined."
– Basil H.

Did You Know?

Utilities offers incentives on ENERGY STAR®-certified clothes washers. 

Algal blooms appear in waterbodies under certain environmental conditions. Mid-summer through early fall is when they most commonly occur.

Xeriscape is a healthy, attractive landscape that conserves water.