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Epic Homes#

Your one-stop shop for home and rental property energy efficiency upgrades.#

An energy advisor evaluating a home

ARUS Consulting energy advisor evaluating a home

The Epic Homes program is here to help Fort Collins Utilities' customers enjoy more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient living homes.

Epic Homes offers rebates, attractive loans and an energy certificate. We're also here to help guide you during your journey, whether you own or rent.

Sign up now for an Epic Homes assessment through Efficiency Works™ Homes.

Limited Time: Save Money on Projects

  • If you have a house without natural gas, now is the time to improve your efficiency! We are offering triple rebates for the following efficiency measures through September 2023:
    • Air sealing and insulation
    • Heat pumps
    • Heat pump water heaters
    • Ductless mini-splits
    • Smart thermostats

This bonus rebate is for customers who do not have a natural gas meter. (Propane customers are eligible for the bonus.) Participants must complete a home energy assessment before starting a project.

Rebate amounts listed here show the incentive before the triple bonus. (For example, tier 1 air source heat pump split system rebates are $1,500 before the triple bonus. They are $4,500 with the bonus.)

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Overview Video#

Virtual Epic Home Tour

Take a Virtual Tour of an Epic Home

An Epic Home has had a home energy assessment and completed recommended upgrades. It also has an Epic Certificate that documents the improvements made and the Home’s Energy Score before and after those modifications.

Take the Virtual Tour

Trilevel home with solar panels on the roof

Epic Loans Are Available

Finance efficiency or solar projects through Utilities with no money down and easy monthly payments on your utility bill.

Loan Types

Epic Certificate / Department of Energy Home Score

Claim Your Epic Certificate

Following the completion of upgrades, Utilities can provide an Epic Certificate to showcase efficiency and solar investments, which can differentiate your home at time of sale.

Certificate Details

A single story home representing a rental property

Epic Homes for Rentals

Keep your rental competitive in the market, increase tenant comfort and retention and maintain your investment.

Improve Your Property

Renter Resources

Even if you do not own your home, you can make it more comfortable and efficient.

Options for Renters

A realtor standing in a neighborhood with a sign that reads house for sale

Buying or Selling a Home?

Epic Real Estate Allies are trained and knowledgeable about all components of Epic Homes, especially the Epic Certificate and how to use it to sell homes.

Meet the Allies

Green Building Registry map of part of Fort Collins

Green Building Registry

We've certified more than 2,000 Epic Homes to date. Many can be found on the Green Building Registry (sharing is by customer choice). If you're in the market for an energy efficient home, search for addresses on the registry!

Search the Registry

Our Efficiency Partners#

Efficiency Works logo

Efficiency Works™ is a regional collaboration with Platte River Power Authority (Platte River) and Fort Collins Utilities, Loveland Water and Power, Longmont Power & Communications and Estes Park Power and Communications. We work alongside Platte River (our wholesale electricity provider), and the three other member-owner communities, to offer energy efficiency services to residents through Efficiency Works™ Homes. Fort Collins Utilities customers receive additional benefits that fall under our program, Epic Homes.

Fort Collins-based ARUS Consulting, LLC performs Efficiency Works™ energy advising and assessment services. For more information about ARUS, click here.

Want to Share Your Feedback?#

Calling all Epic Homes participants! We want to hear about your experience. Feel free to share your Epic Homes story here. Those who provide feedback will be entered into a semiannual prize drawing.


Contact or 970-416-4239.

Did You Know?

Rebates are available to insulate attics, exterior walls and crawl space walls, improving your home's comfort.

Closing crawl space vents and covering the crawl space floor with at least 6 millimeters of plastic can reduce soil moisture.

Shrubs and trees require less water than bluegrass, so it's best to water them separately.