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Mandatory outdoor water restrictions on lawn watering and other outdoor water uses will go into effect Thursday, Oct. 1.

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Energy Tips

Check temperatures in your refrigerator (recommended 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit) and freezer (recommended 0 degrees Fahrenheit); adjust as needed.

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A streamlined, affordable approach for single-family home and rental property energy efficiency upgrades.

Is your house or rental property uncomfortable?

Is your house or rental property uncomfortable?

A high-performing home means more than lower utility bills. It's a place for cozy movie nights and warm holiday dinners. It's the peace of mind that comes from clean, healthy air. 

Is your single-family home or rental underperforming?
Do you notice drafts? Do certain rooms always seem too hot or cold? For some, an entire level of the home fails to reach the right temperature – no matter how often the furnace or air conditioner runs.

What are the risks?
An underperforming home can have higher utility bills. Additionally, homes with excessive air leakage may allow pollutants to enter the living space, contributing to health and safety risks.

It doesn't have to be that way. Epic Homes can help your single-family home or rental become healthier and safer, as well as more comfortable and efficient.

Download the Epic Homes brochure in English and Spanish.

Easily Upgrade Your Single-Family Home or Rental

  • At the end of your streamlines assessment, you will be presented with good, better and best performance package options using standardized pricing. 
  • Choose your customizable package with the rebates applied upfront for projects including insulation and air sealing; furnaces and boilers; windows; air conditioning; water heaters; heat pumps; whole-house fans and duct sealing.  
  • We will send a work order to a top tier Efficiency Works Homes contractor to contact you with a contract proposal.  
  • Sit back and let us do the rest! And rest assured the work will be done right with our photo documentation quality assurance.

Epic Loans Are Available

Finance efficiency or solar projects through Utilities with no money down and easy monthly payments on your utility bill. 

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Choose to Participate in an Epic IEQ Study

In partnership with Epic Homes, CSU is conducting an indoor environmental quality (IEQ) study as it relates to efficiency upgrades. 

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Claim Your Epic Certificate

Following the completion of upgrades, be sure to claim your certificate documenting your efficiency improvements and solar projects.

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Property Manager Resources

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Epic Homes won the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge for its proposal to bring together energy efficiency and easy financing options with an emphasis on health and well-being for Fort Collins homes. It also focuses on low-to-moderate income renters. It’s not about the home, it’s about the people living in the home.