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Water Meter Installations for New Construction

  • Installed interior meter setting and water meter

Fort Collins Utilities requires installation of water meters on all new construction before the building can obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.

The builder is required to provide, install and arrange inspection of the water meter setting prior to the installation of the water meter. Fort Collins Utilities will inspect the water meter setting and install the water meter.

New Construction Water Meter Procedures (PDF 31KB)

Service Lines, Meters and Appurtenances Specifications (PDF 60KB)

Water and Wastewater Development Fees

Detailed Meter Specification Drawings

Detail 11 (PDF 51KB) - Typical Water Service

Detail 14 (PDF 60KB) - Standard Interior Setting for 3/4 and 1" Water Meters

Detail 15 (PDF 72KB) - Standard Exterior Setting for 3/4 and 1" Water Meters

Detail 16-A (PDF 89KB) - Standard Setting for 1 1/2" and 2" Water Meters - Side View

Detail 16-B (PDF 42KB) - Standard Setting for 1 1/2" and 2" Water Meters - Top View

Detail 17-A (PDF 65KB) - Standard Setting for 3" and 4" - Top View

Detail 17-B (PDF 109KB) - Standard Setting for 3" and 4" - Side View

Detail 17-C (PDF 73KB) - Standard Setting for 3" and 4" - End View

  • Touch pad mounted on exterior wall

  • Meter reading via handheld device

Crews are currently installing new water meters with encoder registers that can be wired to an exterior-mounted touch pad or radio unit. The new meters:

  • will allow readings to be directly downloaded through the touch pad into a handheld device
  • are expected to be more reliable and accurate

A wire connects the water meter inside to the touch pad.

Encoder meters are Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) compliant. The transition to AMI will consist of removing the current end unit (typically a touch pad) and installing the AMI compliant radio device.

Customers are responsible for maintaining safe and unobstructed access to the touch pad meter.

Questions? Contact Fort Collins Utilities Water Meter Shop at 970.221.6759, TDD 970.224.6003 or dXRpbGl0aWVzQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==.

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