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Water Meter Division#


Utilities water meter crew arrives at customer's house for a maintenance appointment.

Utilities water meter crew arrives at customer's house for a maintenance appointment.

Fort Collins Utilities owns and maintains the water meters and modules associated with commercial and residential properties.

When maintenance is required on an indoor meter, Utilities will schedule an appointment with the current customer. No appointments are needed when the meter or module is located outside.

The following maintenance tasks ensure the accurate and reliable measurement of water consumption:

  • Preventative maintenance - Annual meter exchanges based on age or total consumption of the meter or the battery life of the module.
  • Corrective maintenance – Repair or replace meters, wire, ore reading devices that have been damaged or are not working properly.
  • New Construction – Inspect the meter setting installed by the builder, install the meter, wire, and reading device.

Utilities responsibilities: 

  • Maintaining the water meter, the reading device, and the wire connecting the meter and reading device
  • Testing meters for accuracy
  • Replacing meters as needed
  • Discontinue water service if access to meter is denied or obstructed
  • Moving meters out of crawl spaces into a meter pit installed by the Utility

Property owner’s responsibilities:

  • Keep meters, reading devices, meter pits and the curb stop free and clear of obstructions
  • Allow access for reading, maintenance and repair
  • Protect from damage and freezing
  • Protect and repair the meter setting device, valves, and meter pits

Any alterations of the existing internal or external meter setting must be approved and inspected by the Utility and conform to the New Construction Specifications.

Water Meter Installations for New Construction#

Installed interior meter setting and water meter

Water meters must be installed before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued.

All irrigation services and domestic services sized 1.5-inch and larger must be metered before the service can be used. 

Fire lines are not metered.

The builder is required to provide, install, and arrange inspection of the water meter setting prior to the installation of the meter.

Utilities is responsible for inspecting the meter setting, conduit, or meter pit, installing the meter, the wire, and the reading device. 

Detail 11 (PDF 51KB) - Typical Water Service

Detail 14 (PDF 60KB) - Standard Interior Setting for 3/4 and 1" Water Meters

Detail 14 Installation Reference

Detail 15 (PDF 72KB) - Standard Exterior Setting for 3/4 and 1" Water Meters

Detail 15 Installation Reference

Detail 16-A (PDF 89KB) - Standard Setting for 1 1/2" and 2" Water Meters - Side View

Detail 16-B (PDF 42KB) - Standard Setting for 1 1/2" and 2" Water Meters - Top View

Detail 16-A&B Installation Reference 

Detail 17-A (PDF 65KB) - Standard Setting for 3" and 4" - Top View

Detail 17-B (PDF 109KB) - Standard Setting for 3" and 4" - Side View

Detail 17-C (PDF 73KB) - Standard Setting for 3" and 4" - End View

For inquiries regarding billing, high water use, conservation and temporary fire hydrant meters, call 970-212-2900.

Did You Know?

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Off-peak Time-of-Day prices are approximately 70% less than on-peak prices.

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