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Water Restrictions

Mandatory outdoor water restrictions on lawn watering and other outdoor water uses will go into effect Thursday, Oct. 1.

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Energy Tips

Turn off overhead and task lights when not in use.

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Leak Detection Program

Leak Detection Program

Leaks may not always be obvious—though they do waste water and can increase utility bills.


Through Fort Collins Utilities’ Leak Detection Program, crews are continually monitoring for leaks by ‘listening’ to the waterlines and service connections with electronic leak-detection equipment. The sound of running water on your plumbing system may be due to operating an appliance or sprinkler system—or there could be a leak in your plumbing.

If a leak is detected, crews will attempt to determine if it’s on the inside or outside of your home or business. You will be contacted if a leak is found on your property. Because leaks waste water and can lead to property damage and high water bills, it’s best to look into repairs as quickly as possible.

In addition to the indoor plumbing, many residents are unaware that it’s the property owner’s responsibility to repair the water service line on their property and any resulting damage.

Inside verses Outside Leaks

  • Inside plumbing: you will need to make the repairs or contact a plumber.
  • Outside plumbing: if the leak is on property owner's side, contact a plumber to pinpoint the location and make the repairs.
    • Utilities recommends a 'whole line' replacement if you have galvanized or blue poly pipe material, as opposed to a ‘spot’ repair. Be sure to get multiple quotes and work with a reputable company.
    • Learn about low-interest financing options to help homeowners make repairs to external water service lines and other resources to repair leaks.