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Water Reclamation#

Who We Are

Fort Collins Utilities provides wastewater reclamation services for Fort Collins through the operation of our two facilities on Drake and Mulberry. Together, these facilities have a treatment capacity of 29 million gallons per day. Our advanced operations, leadership and values of operational excellence and a culture of innovation allow us to return treated water to our community that exceeds public and environmental health regulatory criteria.

The water reclamation facilities, staffed by state-certified operators, use an array of physical, biological and chemical processes to treat wastewater. The facilities discharge to the Cache la Poudre River and Fossil Creek Irrigation Ditch. The removed solids in the treatment process are digested to meet strict state and federal standards for organic and pathogen removal. Generated Class B biosolids are dewatered and applied as a beneficial soil amendment at Meadow Springs Ranch.

Drake Water Reclamation Facility


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Mulberry Water Reclamation Facility


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Biosolids land application

Biosolids at Meadow Springs Ranch


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Regulatory Compliance


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Industrial Pretreatment Program


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FAQs and Tour Information


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Water Reclamation Facilities' History#

Learn more about the history of our water reclamation facilities and the improvements that have been made since the facilities came online.

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Did You Know?

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