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Construction Projects

Walnut Street Water and Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Water and sewer lines in Walnut Street between Mountain and College avenues are some of the oldest in the city, dating back about 100 years.

This project will replace these lines, along with some services, and address failing infrastructure that causes water quality concerns, low levels of fire protection and maintenance problems. More information.

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North Shields Street Sanitary Sewer Extension

Fort Collins Utilities completed a sanitary sewer line in North Shields Street from Arthur Ditch to Willox Lane in July 2015.

To minimize the length of construction time and eliminate future excavations in newly paved roads, Utilities collaborated with Larimer County's 2015 bridge replacement work over the Poudre River and road reconstruction of North Shields Street.

Project Purpose

  • To address failing septic systems in this Fort Collins Growth Management Area (GMA), Utilities installed 4,000 ft. of 21-inch sewer main north of the river to Willox Lane and 1,700 feet of 8-inch sewer south of the river to Arthur Ditch.
  • This extension line will serve as the primary sanitary sewer collector for future service connections and allow for the elimination of many septic systems, greatly improving the environmental health in this area of the Poudre River watershed.

  • This type of equipment and tight work areas are typical of this type of project.

Sheely Water & Sewer Improvements

Water and sewer system improvements in the Sheely neighborhood were a top priority construction project in 2012. Several areas were identified as needing improvement. Many repairs have been completed and the remaining ones will be constructed as funds become available.

The following repairs improved the quality of the water system and reduced maintenance issues in the sewer system:

  • connecting dead-end water lines (increase water circulation)
  • replacing sections of sanitary sewer lines
  • replacing manholes
  • lining manholes in place
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