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Wastewater Collection#

The wastewater collection system is a network of underground pipes that collects wastewater from homes, businesses and industries. The pipes carry the waste to one of the Water Reclamation Facilities. The system is designed to flow at a velocity of approximately two feet per second to keep organics from settling in the system.

Sewer Line Service Repair, Ownership and Responsibility

One of the most common misconceptions regarding wastewater infrastructure is that the utility provider will make the repairs and pay for the associated damages. However, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to maintain and repair the wastewater (sanitary sewer) service line that runs from their home or building to the City’s sewer mains in the street, as well any resulting damages.

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Tree roots in sewer pipes

Blockages and Backups

Utilities across the country are seeing an increase in sewer blockages, both on the customer side and in the main lines. A blocked sewer can lead to property damage and extra expenses for repairs.

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Construction Projects

Fort Collins Utilities routinely evaluates, repairs and replaces stormwater and sewer lines throughout the city.

Current Projects

Toilet paper dissolved in water after 15 minutes and wipes undissolved in water after two weeks.

Good Plumbing Etiquette Saves Our Pipes

Only flush the three Ps: pee, poo and toilet paper.

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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Improper disposal of pharmaceutical medications can contribute to undesirable compounds and chemicals passing through wastewater treatment plants to local waterways, where they can have adverse impacts to wildlife and the aquatic environment.

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Did You Know?

We operate a flood warning system that monitors real-time rainfall information.

Water that goes down storm drains is not treated before it goes back to the Poudre. You can help protect our waterways for future generations. 

When it rains, pollutants go down storm drains, contaminating our water bodies. Small leaks and drips add up. Don’t drip and drive.