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Mulberry Street at City Park Sewer Replacement Project#

New Traffic Pattern - Effective May 16


Fort Collins Utilities has identified three sewer collection areas in need of rehabilitation in north Fort Collins. One of these reaches is located near City Park, north of West Mulberry Street and west of South Bryan Avenue.

Sewer lines in the neighborhoods west of City Park are some of the oldest in the city, dating back about 100 years. The new Mulberry Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project will be in the neighborhoods west of City Park Lake (Sheldon Lake).

The existing clay tile sanitary sewer mains are undersized, have inadequate slope, numerous areas of settlement (bellies), offset joints, broken pipes and heavy root intrusions. In addition, a portion of the existing system lies in the backyards of several houses along West Mulberry Street and is very difficult to access and provide frequently needed maintenance. The result is a poorly functioning sewer system, with inadequate flows, sewage backups, and high maintenance requirements.

This $2.5M project will replace the aging sewer system with new infrastructure composed of modern materials of adequate size and slopes, significantly increasing performance and reliability, and reducing field crew maintenance demands.

map of project area


Utilities’ contractor will abandon and replace old sewer mains with a new main in Mulberry Street near Sheldon Lake. They will relocate and replace 17 sewer services currently located in backyards on Mulberry Street and tie into the new main in the Mulberry right of way. Utilities will work to minimize disruption to the business park and always keep access open for the Park Shop and fire station.

What to Expect#

  • Utilities’ contractor, Connell Resources, will begin construction in March 2022 and is expected to be finished by end of July. Mobilization will begin mid-March and construction should begin later in the month, weather permitting.
  • Partial and full closures of Mulberry and South Bryan will occur.
  • During construction you can expect to have trenches, earth mounds, dust, and noise from large equipment directly in front of your property. Typically, construction will occur weekdays only, 7 a.m.–6 p.m.
construction work representative of Mulberry project

construction work representative of Mulberry project

construction work representative of Mulberry project

These images are representative construction photos, typical of large pipe installation in the street.


road closed sign

Roads and intersections are closed for safety and to complete the job as efficiently as possible. Safety for residents, bike riders, commuters, pedestrians and work crews is a top priority. Barricades and fences will be used to clearly mark areas of excavation at nights and on weekends. Detour routes will be provided as needed. Please keep children and pets away from construction zones.


Please contact Jason Stutzman, Utilities Project Manager,, 970-221-6212.

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Did You Know?

When warm enough, you can save ~50 cents/load by hanging your laundry on a clothesline. Clotheslines are allowed everywhere in Fort Collins.

When it rains and as snow melts, runoff carries pollutants such as oil, antifreeze and gas down storm drains, contaminating our rivers, streams and lakes. Don't drip and drive.

Even small projects like planting a shrub require you to plan before digging. Know what’s below. Call 811 before you dig.